Stockinette, Fear of Finishing, and Double Crochet

I’ve been a bad blogger, but I have an excuse
1) opening a brand new yarn studio
2) thanksgiving
3) having my asst. go out of town for a week

and that brings us to now. On top of all that craziness (I didn’t even mention getting a new class & workshop schedule ready to launch in December) David got sicker then I’ve ever seen him. Right now we are sitting at home, skipping a holiday party because he started to feel a little sick again. But (joy) we turned on our TIVO to find a brand new feature . . . it’s connected to our NetFlix & we can just download movies. SOOO cool.

In the land of knitting, I finished my summer top just in time for winter. Now it will sit, and sit and sit while I avoid doing the finishing. God I hate finishing.

I did manage to make some major progress on the miles of Stockinette that is the Cobblestone Sweater. I finished the body & now I’ve started the sleeves. You can keep your &^$& dps, I’m a magic loop gal all the way.

I’ve also been having fun with crochet. I got a skein of one of the brand new colorways of Homespun (a nice perk of the job), called Wildfire . . . really pretty. So in two days I did this little ruffled crochet scarf pattern. I’m kind of digging crochet.

Another delight of the job is getting your hands on the brand new yarns as soon as they come out. I couldn’t resist the 100% Italian Cashmere that just came out. So yummy

Don’t know what to do with it yet, but I’ll figure it out

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