Trade Shows & Jet Lag

I’m finally unpacked and pretty much over my jet lag. Last Wednesday I left right from the Studio to head to San Diego for the TNNA winter show. I was really tired when I got in, and I had a six hour class on my first day, so I tried to get right to bed. Unfortunately the fire alarm went off at 4:50 am and we all had to evacuate the hotel. Drag . . . bigger drag, nobody could find anyone from the hotel to tell us what was going on or if it was okay to go back to sleep. Finally about fifteen minutes later we went back in since the alarm had gone off. When I woke up, I was greeted by a great view and a beautiful view

and a bright sunny day. The convention center is right in downtown San Diego, not in the middle of nowhere like Long Beach. Here’s some public art I passed on my walk to the center:

After the first day I again tried to get a good night’s sleep, but it was not destined to be . . . some alarm went off in my room at 5:14 am!!! (turns out it was a test of the smoke alarms, I was kind of hating this hotel at this point).

The second day was classes and meetings from 8:00 – 5:00 straight without even a moment to stick my head outside to enjoy the sun. In the evening I was treated by a visit from my pal Zeena and her impossibly cute daugher Zaleeya (she is a fan of knitwear and her young age!)

Day three was another class, sales floor, dinner & the red eye. I did get a lot of knitting done on the plane and in the evenings . . . and (drum roll please) Cobblestone is DONE!

As soon as I woke up I wove in the ends, kitchenered the underarm, and blocked the little darling

Today David tried it on for size. He looked pretty swell in it

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  • Elizabeth January 20, 2009   Reply →

    Hello, i’m de-lurking to say I really like your Cobblestone, great colour.
    (naughtylilpiglet on ravelry)

  • knithound brooklyn January 20, 2009   Reply →

    You did a magnificent job on the Cobblestone, despite the arduous knitting. I’ve heard more than once Summer Tweed is awful to knit with, but gets so much softer with wear.

  • Patty January 20, 2009   Reply →

    If I never knit with it again, it will be too soon!

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