Why . . . When I Know How Much I Hate it

Why do I knit sweaters that end up in SIX pieces when I hate finishing

1 – back, 2 & 3 – front pieces, 4 & 5 sleeves, 6 – yoke . . . grrrr, arrg

So I started by blocking the front and back. Gotta love the blocking wires, flexible for the neck & straight for the front sides

Next I laid out all the pieces to see if the yoke needed blocking (it did)

Then I decided I couldn’t deal, so I worked on the Yoke Pullover (Vogue Winter 2005/06) I cast on a few days ago. I started it at the Park Slope Knitting group on Thursday night, but then totally ripped it out. I decided I had to cast on an extra 10 stitches, like I did for the Pin Up Queen, to go over my hips & then reduce to the original cast on.

The twisted rib makes it slightly more interesting to knit

After a few hours of procrastination, I sewed up the sides, and sleeves, and then reblocked for the yoke.

There is still sits . . . maybe tomorrow

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