Bad, Bad Math

Okay, so I’m one of those peeps who reads their patterns all the way through before casting on. I’ve been to the Vogue errata section, I’ve been all over ravelry and all over the internet, can anyone splain this math (see schematic). If anyone has done the Yoke Pullover #13 from the 2005/2006 Winter Vogue, please riddle me this:

So according to the left side of the schematic, the entire piece should be 23″ long. According to the right side of the schematic that 23″ would be made up of three sections 14 1/2″ + 8 1/2 ” + 2 1/2″ . . . which would equal 25 1/2″ . . . grrrrr

Then there’s this litte, schematic and pattern makes NO sense. For the back you knit from the bottom up to 13″ and then begin the first cable pattern (7 rows) before binding off for the beginning of the yoke, which makes sense with the schematic measurement of 14 1/2 “. Here’s the annoying part. The sleeve instructions have you knit 17″ before first cable pattern (7 rows) before binding off, so HOW is the bind off show at 17 1/2″ when you knit 7 rows AFTER you knit 17″ before the bindoff???? WRONG. I’m thinking they meant 18 1/2”??

Looks like I’ll be doing a bit of punting. I finished the back. After reading all the complaints on Ravelry I decided to go down a needle size for the neck and keep the stitches live, so I can make sure it’s working before binding off.

Here’s the little darling blocking. Thank you blocking wires.

The other change I made to the pattern was to cast on an extra 10 stitches and then reduce back to the pattern, so I had a little extra hip room.

The back was a really quick knit. I cast it on one week ago. Who knows how much I’ll get done this week. It’s going to be a VERY long week at work. I have a couple of 12 hour days. Fun fun fun.

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  • Veronique March 3, 2009   Reply →

    I’d recommend emailing VK. They’ve been very helpful to me in the past!
    As for your first question, it looks like 14.5 + 8.5 = 23, so maybe the 8.5″ contains the top 2.5″? Or the 8.5 should be changed to 6?
    Good luck!

  • Anna W March 4, 2009   Reply →

    Just wanted to let you know that I stumbled across your blog and I am so impressed by your work! I am just learning to knit myself, having been an avid crocheter since I was 8. So, where do you find your patterns? Amazing!

  • Toni September 19, 2009   Reply →

    The cabled yoke pullover is my second attempt at one of her patterns, and the other one had just as many math errors. I love how her designs look, but 2 for 2 will probably stop me from trying any of her others.

    I like how yours turned out–I need to rip mine back & fix the neck or just frog the whole thing. Hate it when math doesn’t work! It’s like story problem hell! 🙂

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