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It seems like two weeks between blogging is about the best I can do these days. I keep waiting for life to feel like it’s slowing down, but it won’t happen on it’s own. I’ve decided that I would find ways to slow it down myself. A couple of weekends ago it was Forsythia Day at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We always go, as members, to pick up our free Forsythia Day, and to get our first wiff of spring. It was a perfect day at the garden & the sky was a perfect blue.

The week before we had planted our Canna’s and Dahlias to start them inside. When we got back from the garden I saw that we had our own first wiff of spring

The yoke pullover was coming along nicely. I was almost finished with the second sleeve, and I wanted to get it done before David and I left town for Passover.

Our next forced slow down came in the form of Passover. Since I work for a Jewish company we are closed for all work restricted holiday’s. The Studio closed early on Wednesday night and David and I had a cozy Seder for two. The next day we headed to Boston to spend the second night with David’s family and then we headed up to the Berkshires.

We stayed in this cool place called Porches right across from the Mass MoCa. In addition to the museum, which is FAB,

there are all sorts of odd little galleries. This is an installation of hundreds of toys. The artist is Jarvis Rockwell, the son of Norman Rockwell.

Before we headed out the next day, David took some shots of my newly finished sweater.

I cast on a new project in the car, and by the end of the next two days I had finished the front and back.

It’s the Short and Chic Cardi. It was originally knit out of Wool Ease Thick and Quick, but I wanted a springy cardi, so I’m double stranding Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton. I should finish it over the weekend.

Also over the weekend will be GARDENING! The lettuce gets planted & the Canna’s and Dahlias will go in the ground. What a difference one week makes. Here are the Dahlias today that just shot through the ground 8 days ago.

Spring is all over our garden

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  • Beautiful pictures! Your cardi=cotton idea gives me a great idea of yarn to use… Might have to start that after the Vogue cover sweater…hmmm. Fabulous knitting, chica!

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