It’s All About the Food

David and I decided on way to fight this economy is to grow as much food on our little Brooklyn roof as we can. This year we have going, Strawberries, Artichoke, Arugula, Romaine, Green Leaf, Brussel Sprouts, Zucchino (round Zucchini), 4 different kinds of Tomato & Snap Peas. All the veggies in our “hippie” earthboxes (as a friend of mine calls them) are thriving. Not so much for the plain pot plants.

Here’s a side by side of our Brussel Sprouts in a pot v.s. the hippie box

The Zuchinno’s are growing so fast that you can actually tell the difference day by day. Here are three pics taken 5/12, 5/15, 5/22

And the Snap Peas 5/12 & 5/22

We have already started harvesting lettuce about every other day for salads, and the Brussel Sprouts are coming along nicely:

The Azelea was brilliant for a breif time and now it’s past it’s prime. I feel for it.

The Iris’s too are about three days from being done. Sad.

The climbing roses are going to be in their full glory in the next few days, and then will begin to fade. I hate that some of our showiest stuff are such early bloomers and are then gone.

The other roses keep going all Summer . . . Yeah!

We’ve made a strange discovery in the last few days. We’ve been noticing a TON of tiny Oak Trees growing in our garden. When we go to dig these up, the acorns are buried really deep. I think squirrels were using out garden as a food storage local. Today we dug up 23 (!!!!) tiny oak trees.

In the land of knitting, I’ve finished lengthening my cotton sweater sleeves. It came out okay. Right now, there is a bit of a line where then new knitting picks up, but I think as I wash the sweater and the stitches loosen up, that will go away.

I also added a tiny piece of elastic across the inside of the shoulder seam so the damn thing would stay on my shoulder.

Stew’s baby sweater is coming along. I have to alternate it with other projects, because it’s getting a bit tedious. One more sleeve to go, and then button band and hemming.

After much swatching, I’ve cast on for the Flame Stitch Cardigan from 2005 Vogue. I’m following all the corrections painstakingly posted by this amazing blogger. Hopefully I can get to a nice finished product without wanting to tear my hair out!

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  • Avis May 26, 2009   Reply →

    Wow, what I wouldn’t give for an entire rooftop for my container garden instead of just a balcony. I’d love to grow more veggies. Sugar peas are one of my favorites… Maybe I’ll try them next year. Do they just produce all summer? Cheers!(And nice sweater!)

  • Patty May 26, 2009   Reply →

    I’m not sure if snap peas go all summer. It’s my first try. I was going to let the finish their first crop & then replant that box with green beans. I think they produce in cool temps, so they are happy with a spring harvest & a fall harvest

  • Anonymous May 27, 2009   Reply →


    What a great blog! I saw your Sarah Top 2 and Red Cotton Tank-where can I get these patterns? I have returned to knitting after a few years and I’m inspired! Thank you- Delilah

  • Patty May 27, 2009   Reply →

    The Sarah tank is a free pattern:

    The red tank is a heavily modified version of an old Tahki pattern.

  • Robyn June 4, 2009   Reply →

    Wow – all so impressive Patty! Not least is making a white cotton sweater. My hat is off to you!

    More seriously, great job with the veggies. Love the hippie earth pots….

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