Knitting Do-overs and Ireland pt. 1

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last blog post. I feel like this summer is being washed away. David and I did take a fab vacation (more on this later), but we’re really not doing any summer NY fun stuff at all. We still have yet to see an outdoor movie or go to a Cyclones Game

Our garden is hanging on, but the rain is killing a lot. We are growing baby carrots this year from seeds.

Here’s David and our carrot crop. . . small but adorable (and the carrot is nice too)

I had another fit of “do over” with the short and chic cardi. The bottom ribbing was just too stretched out, so I cut, ripped, put it back on the needle and reknit the ribbing on a US 9.

Since we were getting ready to head off to Ireland and they don’t allow metal needles. (I was in the middle of doing a pair of socks -on metal, and redoing the bottom of the short & chic cardi -also on metal), I had to cast on a couple of travel projects.

I cast on my other “do over” the xback tank. And the Cotton-Ease tank top I was doing for my niece Rachel.

I left the gang to hold down the fort at work, Michelle to take care of the garden & David and I took off to Ireland.

We started our trip in Dublin, a great town.

We traveled all around the city, listened to some great music, ate pub food, and (of course) drank Guinness. David’s favorite part of Dublin was the Guinness Tour.

He was chosen to start the brew, which was pretty cool.

On the river by the Custom House we saw the amazing Famine Monument & the cool new bridge.

Here are just a couple of the famous Dublin doors.

Also in Dublin began my (semi) fruitless search for yarn. Most of the “yarn stores” in Ireland are mixed stores with a small yarn section. This store had the most hilariously large balls of yarn I’d ever seen. Big, but OH so scratchy.

I did have a tiny bit of success in an out door market in Dublin. Here’s the little Merino Silk hand spun beauty I found.

Shockingly, in all of Dublin, I only one real yarn store, This is Knit.

More on our travels into the West on the next post. (There are a LOT of sheep out west!)

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