Harvest of Eggplant, Peppers and Yarn

Fall is harvest time at the Lyons / Frutkoff rooftop garden.

The eggplants and peppers did well, but the brussell sprouts are still kind of pathetic.

Fall is the world’s greatest season. Hot cider, pumpkins, the changing leaves, and the yarn. The last few weeks have been an insanely busy time at work, but David and I managed to escape to Connecticut a few weeks ago. We stayed in a really great old inn called the Wake Robin Inn.

It’s in that great area near the Conn/Mass/New York border. We stopped at Stockbridge on the way, and they were having an outdoor sculpture exhibit. This art piece had a sign that said “Please sit”, who am I to say no.

It also had my favorite door

I’ve been doing a lot of socks lately (they are great on road trips), but I also took my Mohair top along, so I could finish it off. I still have to add the white crochet trim, but at least I got one thing off my needles. Here it is blocking:

The next weekend was RHINEBECK!!!! Will and Michelle had never been, so I had my fingers crossed for decent weather. They were predicting snow and rain for Saturday, but when I woke up the sun was shinning, and although it did get overcast later, it was a pretty nice day.

We started out at the sock machine demo. SOOO cool. If someone made these machines for under $300 I would so get one. Check out Will’s face, he’s in love

After a brief wander, it was time for a snack. We decided to line up early for the famous Rhinebeck, Chicken Pot Pie. So delish. Since we were waiting online, we might as well pull out our knitting. Here’s Michelle working a gift for her mom (shush, don’t tell) in the LB Collection Organic Wool, and Will and I are rocking out some socks in our Sock-Ease.

Next we went to visit the stars of Rhinebeck, the animals. Look at the gorgeous color of this little darling.

This guy was David’s favorite of the whole fair. David said it was the portrait of pure contentment. His eyes were closed and he was chewing away on something that made him very happy!

Fab pumpkin carvings

Michelle had just finished her Owl Sweater in Alpine Wool, and she was TOTALLY the star of Rhinebeck. Every 10 minutes, someone was stopping her to tell her “great sweater”. I spotted someone wearing the same sweater and thought it would make a cute picture. I didn’t notice until after I took the pic that it was fab designer, Ysolda. How cute are they?
Speaking of cute . . .

Will said I suffered from “Bunny Turrets”. We would be walking around having a normal conversation, and I would burst out “BUNNY” everytime I spotted these guys

David and I made a weekend of it, and had dinner at the fabulous CIA and Terrapin (that has always been booked up in previous years)

Here’s our utterly bizarre little room.

And the view out our window

I didn’t buy much this year. I just picked up one little skein of Briar Rose Sock yarn, that somehow jumped in my bag when I wasn’t looking!

I did make some major progress on the stalled Flame Stitch Cardigan. I finished all the pieces and now it’s just time for the shawl collar. The pattern calls for it to be knit separately and sewn on later, but I hate sewing slightly more then picking up stitches . . . so I just decided to pick up stitches and go for it.

In other knitting chores, I’ve decided to make Wool-Ease Thick and Quick slipper socks for the entire Studio staff. All ELEVEN of us. Yikes. I want to get them all finished by the holidays. Think I’ll make it?

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