Last Five Years


  • Why are there no stage management groupies? Why does no one ever lurk outside the Stage Door for the stage manager? Don’t they know that you hold the fate of the whole dang show in your hands?
    – A former stage manager, who didn’t go nearly as far as Patty in the biz but understands.

    March 31, 2013
    • When I used to come out of the stage door of “42nd Street”, I’d be greeted by all these excited young girls trying to get autographs on their posters. Because the dancers all wore wigs, it was kind of hard to recognize them out of costume, so the girls would ask each woman who exited the stage door “Will you sign my poster?”. I originally said, “I’m the Stage Manager, I wasn’t in the show”, and I’d watch their little faces fall and the posters get pulled away. This happened with every girl as I tried to make my way out the door and to the subway – it took a while to disappoint each one. After a few weeks I caught on that it was faster to say “Sure” and sign the poster and go home.

      March 31, 2013

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