It’s What Month? How Did That Happen?

I have no idea what happened to April, or March for that matter.  How are we in the middle of May????

Gardening in New York. Mother’s Day = Planting Tomatoes!


I woke up this morning and realized it was time to get gardening.  In New York, Mother’s Day is the day to put in the tomatoes, so off I went to the garden store, and a mere 3 hours later our 2013 Brooklyn rooftop “crop” was in.  This year we’ve planted strawberries, mixed greens, sweet corn, 5 different types of tomatoes, bell peppers, snap peas, eggplant, spinach and arugula!

I’m traveling so much this summer on teaching trips, I’m counting on David to look after the crop!

Vogue Knitting Live & Knit1 Crochet2 show

Speaking of traveling – that’s what happened to April!

First up was Vogue Knitting Seattle.  It was a great show with amazing students.  The event space was great and the classrooms were huge.


3 swatchzilla                   4 students





Students at VK Live Seattle


I brought Swatchzilla to Seattle (she likes to travel too!)


I loved the fiber art in the marketplace:


LOVED crocheting the spiderweb


No pillar should be without yarn!

Of course the other great thing about teaching trips is getting to hang out with my teacher pals!  Dinner and drinks with Carol Sulcoski, Amy Detjan, and Brooke Nico is always a treat.  Other highlights: talking about my trip to Japan with Anna Hrachovec, trading pictures of 1/2 naked men with Nicky Epstein (long story), and the look on the waitresses face when Josh Bennett ordered us one of everything on the happy hour menu.

A couple of weeks after getting home, it was time to hit the road again.  This time I was off to Albany for the Knit1 Crochet2 Learning League show.

Some weekend highlights: the corn chowder in the hotels restaurant week dinner, taking the train with Lily Chin, and seeing the beautiful samplers my students made in Slip Stitch Knitting class.


Someday I might not be drowning under deadlines . . . but for now, it’s a summer of teaching and traveling.  I’m working on exciting project right now that’s taking up most of my time. Can’t wait to tell you all about it – as soon as I’m able to!

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