Yarn Dyeing Fun!

Yarn Dyeing Techniques!

One great thing about working with so many talented folks, is getting a chance to get together after hours, have a glass of wine, and learn something new.  We had been hearing about all the amazing yarn dyeing techniques Grace had been sharing in her Dyeing classes at the Studio, and wanted in!

After the difficult decision on what yarn to dye, and what put up to try (I did one hank and one cake), after snacks and drinks were purchased and buffet was set up, it was time to listen to Grace:


Grace showing the super cool injection dyeing technique. I tried that one on a cake of Organic Wool

We were all very good students . . . really, see how well we all listened (these are our listening faces)










There is truly nothing better then getting together with friends, playing with yarn (and there were cupcakes and beer – thanks Will).

Some highlights of the evening:


Hand painting technique


Controlled Chaos


Time to cook!


Where someone does not follow Grace’s instructions . . . there are scary consequences!


Two questions: Is it ready yet? Is the beer part of the cooking process?


My finished yarn. Handspun & handpainted


My finished yarn. Injection dyeing technique.


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