Fun at The Knit and Crochet Show

The Knit and Crochet Show

Edie & Melissa

Lunch with two of my favorite humans on earth, Melissa Leapman and Edie Eckman

Last week I got back from teaching at my first Knit and Crochet Show.  I’m so ridiculously behind in life, I’m not fully unpacked yet (I’ve been home a week!).  Is that normal?  Does everyone go directly from a suitcase to the laundry and then (thinking they can’t be bothered with putting things back in the dresser drawer) just shove the things back in the suitcase that you have left out in their office?  No, just me.  Ah.

In an effort to make this crazy life of a traveling teacher a little easier, I just treated myself to a fab new rolling bag (no, Trisha, I didn’t get the Tumi . . . I’m more of an gal) and pricing out a new lighter weight projector.  I have about six weeks of calm before the fall season kicks into high gear.  Wish me luck.

For those of you blessed to live in a part of the country whose temperatures have not reached the boiling point – congrats!  Here in New York it’s been so hot that the idea of simply lifting my head has been difficult.  I was hoping, Indiana might be a break from the heat . . . it was not.  However, it was plenty air-conditioned inside our hotel and classrooms, so playing with yarn was perfectly comfy.

Great, as always, to spend some time with my fellow teachers, and thanks to all my students.  See you in North Carolina!


A few of my amazingly cool students that managed to hang around after a six hour Sweater ReDesign class to take a picture.  Very grateful that in six hours of math, nobody ever gave me the stabby eye . . . not even once!!


Very impressive swatches done in the Slip Stitch Knitting class.  Great group!


My Prospect Park Capelet from Fall 2013 Creative Knitting was featured in the fashion show.  I took only one (terrible) picture of it.  It was a fun show.

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