New York Sheep and Wool Festival (aka: Rhinebeck)

Sign New York Sheep and Wool Festival

(aka: Rhinebeck, Nirvana, Heaven or the Mother Ship Calling us Home)

This is by far my favorite time of year. I know, as knitters we all say that, but it’s true. A nip in the air, the colors changing, a fire in the fireplace, hot cider . . . and RHINEBECK.

Every year, my husband (known in our circles, as the worlds greatest husband), make the pilgrimage.  Before anyone asks, no, my husband doesn’t knit, nor does he spin, or weave. So why, might you ask, does he come with me every year? Aside from the fact that he loves seeing the animals, and he’s awesome, it’s also our wedding anniversary weekend. (hence the title: world’s greatest husband).

The morning has to begin with Sheep Dog Demos.  If I had the concentration, focus and dedication of this dog, I could rule the world.


The sheep know something is up. They won’t take their eye off the dog, who they suspect will eat them.

Sheep Dog 1

Wait for it, Wait for it, Wait for it . . . .

Sheep Dog 2

YES! Thank you!!!!

It’s always great to hang with my pals Michelle & Zontee and to see old friends (saw many – Amy Herzog, Amy Detjan, Francesca Russell, missed some – never saw Ysolda, Margaret Hubert or Carol Sulcoski – it’s a big fair).  When I got home and looked at my pictures I realized I didn’t take one single picture of a person, but here for your viewing pleasure, some adorable animals, pretty yarn and beautiful trees. Enjoy.


cute an 1
















Sheep 2











Amazing Leaping Llamas – an annual highlight!

See you next year!













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