Stitches East – Amazing!

Next up in the live out of suitcase life of a traveling knitting teacher . . .



This was the view from my hotel room window.  Yes, I woke up that early.

I hope you enjoyed that picture . . . it’s the only one I took. I was too focused on teaching at my first STITCHES to remember to take out my camera.

The thing that is amazing about teaching at STITCHES is how many years folks have been coming. I had students in my classes that have been coming to the show for over 15 years (gulp, that’s a lot of pressure). The students are CRAZY good.  I taught some hard design classes, and the students were so on it. It was amazing. I was really excited that some of my students said they had already registered for my Craftsy classes (that’s pretty finger on the pulse, as they haven’t even been officially announced yet by Craftsy!)

. . . And then there are the teachers! It’s like old home week with all these amazing teachers who have been teaching together for years. There’s a real short hand between them. Luckily, everyone was very welcoming and I was so happy and proud to be a part of it.

There’s nothing I love more than hanging out with my fellow knitting teacher pals. They are (however) a terrible influence, and getting to bed on time was not easy. First there was my roomie, Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, who kept me up WAY too late talking politics. She may be a brilliant designer, but now she has seen me in the morning before I’ve had coffee, so now she must die.

Then there’s the intoxicating influence of the peer pressure duo of Brooke Nico and Carol Sulcoski. I can deny them nothing, they are the boss of me, and hanging out with them is like living in an after school special. I adore them.  They are brilliant, and wickedly funny.

It’s hard to explain how much fun it is to be with so many talented folks in one space – Melissa Leapman, Lily Chin, Fiona Ellis, Franklin Habit, Marly Bird on and on and on. They humble me, delight me, and make me laugh so hard I want to pee.

Is it February yet . . . is it time for the next one?  Can’t wait.

So looking forward to STITCHES WEST!

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  • Linley December 8, 2013   Reply →

    Just came across your blog while reading about your Craftsy classes and so enjoyed it.! I love reading about your parallel life experiences in the theatre, I think it is fabulous. Really great blogs. I too have trouble posting regularly on my blog, but will be posting about the London Knitting Show I attended in November which was spectacular. Happy posting!

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