These Are a Few of My Favorite Things – Gifts for Knitters (pt. 1)

Gifts for Knitters – It’s that time of year again . . .

So, maybe it’s the recent TV airing of The Sound of Music (no comment, not falling down that rabbit hole), or perhaps it’s the season, or perhaps it’s the multiple e-mail requests I get asking “what’s a good gift for a knitter”  . . . whatever the reason, I thought it was time for a round up of some of my favorite knitting goodies.

Everything listed in this blog are items I own* and adore.  Since I have quite a few things I adore, this will be part one, stay tuned for more later this week.

So, in no particular order, here are a few of my favorite things:

Go Knit Pouch by KnowKnits

Go Knit Pouch

I have one of these in every size.  My first bag (a purple medium size) was purchased over six years ago, and it looks like new. I am NOT kind to my knitting bags.  They ride the subway, get dragged on planes, and get schlepped all over the country as I travel around to teach. These bags truly take a licking and keep on ticking (a reference that clearly shows my age). No needles poke through (even when I use my Hiya Hiya extra sharp), and I love the inner loop to feed yarn and the outer loop that can hook to a chair or your belt loop – yep, sometimes I knit and walk, especially when I’m on a deadline.

Pattern Wallet & Magnets by Slipped Stitch Studios

Pattern wallet

There are many cute items for knitters out there, but this is one that is both adorable AND incredibly handy.  I use mine everyday. The pattern slides into the wallet and it can flip open and stand up, or snap shut and be shoved into a bag (again, subway, plane, hotel). As if that wasn’t cool enough, the magnet can be used with or without the wallet to keep your place in your pattern or chart – LOVE

Yarn Pop Bag by Top Shelf Totes

Yarn Pop

Okay, I admit it, sometimes I’m a sucker for an adorable fabric. I need MANY notion pouches.  I can’t stand having to search for things, so I have a kind of nutty habit of having a small notion pouch in each one of my project bags.  I love the fabrics of Yarn Pop, but I also love their uber heavy duty wide zipper that seems like it’s unbreakable (remember, we’ve established, I’m not easy on my things)

Zuma by Namaste Bags

Zuma bag

I am not a bag girl. I have nothing against bags, I’ve just never been one of those gals that goes nuts for bags . . . but then I met Namaste.  My current Namaste count is four – yeah, four (Monroe, Mini Messenger, Boardwalk Bag and the Zuma), .  Each one has their own vibe, but they all have one thing in common (well, two actually), they hold an AMAZING amount of stuff, and they are very knitting friendly.  Sometimes I feel like they are the magic bag in Mary Poppins – can’t believe how much you can pull out of these bad boys.

Needle cases by Della Q

Della Q

Knitters have a lot of needles. This might not be news to you if you are a knitter. It may seem like an embarrassingly lot of needles to a civilian, but if you are a knitter (or worse, a knitwear designer / knitting teacher), you never seem to have enough needles. So, what’s a girl to do, you gotta put em someplace – thank goodness for Della Q. I will not tell you how many Della cases I have.  I was too embarrassed to photograph them all.  They are all both functional and beautiful, and stand the test of time.  The combo case (the green one on top) is years and years old, and I’ve stuffed it to the brim with straights and circulars and it’s holding up like a champ.

Interchangeable Needle Set – Hiya Hiya

Hiya Hiya

Speaking of needles, that brings me to my most used favorite thing, my Hiya Hiya interchangeable sets.  I have the stainless steel, the bamboo and the sharps. There’s no beating around the bush – I love them. I love them. I mean, like, I would marry them if it was legal, love them. They are my pride and joy, the lights of my life. I know that is sounding dangerously close to the opening line of Lolita, but I just really love them. They are light weight, feel great in my hand, the cable is smooth and memory free right out the package, the join is amazing, and they knit like a dream. Did I mention I love them.

Heirloom Wooden Crochet Hooks – Furls Crochet

Furls Crochet

I know the title of the post is gifts for knitters, but every knitter should learn how to crochet – and this hook will make you want to learn. I first saw these gorgeous hooks at the Knit and Crochet Show last summer. I will admit, they are a splurge, but I feel special every time I pick it up. Mine is Tulip wood and sometimes I just pet it to make me happy. However, these hooks are more than just a pretty face, they are ergonomically designed to balance in your hand perfectly and you can crochet for hours with no hand pain. If you are looking for a really special gift, this is it.

That’s all for now. There will be more to come in my next post: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things – Gifts for Knitters (pt. 2)


*Although most of these items I purchased, a few I received as samples from the vendors. However, all of the opinions in this blog post are my own and I received no compensation for the writing of this post.

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