Secrets of Yarn Substitution

Online Knitting Webinar

It’s time for another Webinar.  I’m returning to teach Secrets of Yarn Substitution

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Learn to substitute yarn with confidence! Proper yarn selection can make or break your knitting project. If done properly, you will have a finished object that will fit you like a glove (or a hat, or a sweater).Patty Lyons has spent years teaching thousands of students to think about their yarn and needles as their ingredients and how to choose them with the care of a top chef. Patty teaches nationally at shows like STITCHES, Vogue Knitting Live, the Knit and Crochet Show, as well as at guilds and shops around the country. In this live web seminar, she’ll share her secrets to choosing the perfect yarn and making sure you never run out once you do!Join us and discover just how much a knitted swatch can teach you as you explore the difference between yardage and weight, and pattern gauge versus yarn gauge. You’ll walk away from this live event with the three main factors of choosing your yarn, and explore a world beyond gauge as we delve into the properties of different fibers.
What you’ll learn in this web seminar:

  • How to understand gauge
  • How to properly estimate the amount of yarn you’ll need based on a pattern
  • How to use your swatch and a sketch to figure out your required yardage when you don’t have a pattern
  • How to best make yarn choices based on stitch pattern and yarn color
  • How to make great yarn choices by understanding the properties of fiber, such as warmth, absorbency, elasticity, memory, and drape
Join Patty Lyons for this informative, fun web seminar and learn all of the secrets of yarn substitution!



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