EXCELLENT Crafter’s Spouse

An Ode to Excellent Crafter’s Spouse

Image courtesy of pitterandglink.com

Image courtesy of pitterandglink.com

A few evenings ago I had an exchange with my husband that only confirmed what I already knew. I have an excellent “Crafter’s Spouse”.

It went something like this:

David: (hollering from bathroom): “Honey, where’s the dental floss”

Me: (still in living room, finishing a row): “Sorry, it’s in here”

David: “We have thinner floss than that if you need”

If you are a non crafter, the significance of this exchange might not jump out at you.  You see a non-crafter husband might have wondered “Why is my wife flossing in the living room”, but a CRAFTER husband wonders “Is that floss thin enough for her crafting needs?”

He didn’t know what I was doing with the floss, but he assumed it was craft related (I was using it to tie the center of 1″ pom poms for some mittens I had designed).

Breaking the “old” Crafter’s husband mold


When I used to work in yarn stores I would always cringe at the conversations about how the customers’ husbands would complain about how their wives spent too much time or money on crafting. My husband has always been so proud of me and my creations. He’s supported me when I gave up my career as a Stage Manager to run a yarn store, and most recently when I made the leap to full time knitting teacher and designer.

You might have an excellent crafter’s spouse, partner (or best friend) and not even know it.

Here now, are the top 10 reasons I know I have a keeper. Leave a comment and let me know yours:


# 10 He knows you will be packing more yarn than you need on vacation, and keeps his mouth shut.

#9 He will voluntarily, without being asked, google for yarn stores when you go on vacation, just in case there are any near by.

#8 He ALWAYS wears some thing you knit for him when you go to a party, and then looks for the opening to tell everyone “She knit this”.

#7 He knows just how to hold the skein of yarn for you to hand wind a ball when you are away from your swift.

#6 He vaguely knows what “worsted” means.

#5 Will occasionally look up at you while he’s talking, and realizing his mistake declare “oh, sorry, you’re counting”.

#4 He recently not only went out and bought you 8 magazine boxes to deal with your knitting magazine crisis, but he rearranged the office book shelf to make room for them.

#3 He worries that now that you’re a professional knitwear designer, you never have time to knit anything for yourself.

#2 Has attended Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool with you EVERY YEAR (and never complained that it’s also our wedding anniversary weekend).

And the number one reason you know you have an excellent crafter’s partner . . .

#1 When you say you’ll be there as soon as you finish the row, he knows you’re lying!


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  • Cheryl Murray June 17, 2014   Reply →

    Nothing to add, but I sent your list to MY excellent Knitter’s spouse!

  • Athena June 17, 2014   Reply →

    Mine willingly takes me wherever I need to go (craft-wise) and patiently waits for me in the car. He’s a keeper!

  • Theresa Rogerson June 17, 2014   Reply →

    My husband can explain the difference between knitting and crochet; and will drag me into an antique store if he spots a spinning wheel. Definitely a keeper!

  • Cherita June 18, 2014   Reply →

    Sounds about right! Even better I’ve created a crafting son as well! They both are so proud of the things I make them & tell everyone they meet “my wife/mom made this for me!” :-). They help me search for fabric, thread, yarn, needles etc., are willing to fetch things scattered on different floors when I’ve got a project in my lap, they either go in the craft stores with me or patiently wait in the car…ummm what else? I don’t know but they are both so awesome!! <3 🙂

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