Better SSK and Matching YO Size - Lace Knitting Tips


  • Kris Huber Van Allen

    oh my, thank you for that “one step!” I have been knitting my ssk as slip as if to knit and slip as if to purl, but that first shortcut you show (without slipping the second stitch at all) is the same thing with less work. That one-step, though, is wonderful! Adopting that as my go-to for ssk. Thanks again!

    July 07, 2016
  • Lonnie

    I own the “Knitting Bag of Tricks” but haven’t had the time to view the entire thing. Wished it was on Craftsy.

    Did I forget to mention that the matching yo’s is god sent because it tortures me every time I make them and it’s 50/50 whether they will match or not.

    Ok, time to put down the knitting and watch the video! I can’t do both at the same time.

    Again ………. Patty to the rescue!! Thank you so much.

    July 09, 2016
  • Lindy Barnes

    Is there a way when knitting Fair Isle with more than 2 colors to keep the strands of yarn from tangling?

    Thank you

    May 06, 2018
    • A yarn bag with a space for each color is a great trick.

      May 06, 2018

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