Somethings Coming, Something (I think) Good


A few weeks ago I got on a plane for the 44th (and last) time in 2014 to head to Colorado to the set of Interweave.  Yup, that means I have . . .

New Knitting DVDs coming out soon!

I can’t tell you what the new titles will be, but I can tell you I filmed 3 new classes . . . a shocking 6 1/2 hours (approx) of content in 2 days. Thanks to the awesome Interweave crew, we got it all done before heading off to our holidays.

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Here’s a few sneak peek at me on the set

Patty Lyons on set

Day 1 – Look how fresh I look!

Lake Michigan Cardi by Patty Lyons

Pattern coming soon on Ravelry!

Patty Lyons Interweave DVD shoot

Swatches standing by . . . ready for their close up

Patty Lyons on the set

Some of the awesome Interweave Crew

Patty Lyons on set

Such Concentration!

Make up cloth

Ever wonder what a day’s worth of video make up looks like?

A big thank you to all of my live students.  I’m excited for you all to see the new classes. There are just so many things you can teach on video that you would never have time to teach in a live class.

One last hint . . . for all of you who have asked me over the years about a certain signature class of mine, that is pretty jam packed, “Is this a video class” . . . I’ll now be able to answer – yes!

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