Knitter’s New Year’s Resolution

new year's baby

Okay, I know, it’s not 1916, I wanted to change it to 2015, but one of last year’s resolutions (to learn Photo Shop), clearly never came to be.

A new year, brings a new list of  . . .

Knitter’s New Year’s Resolutions!

1) Stop procrastinating

okay, so based on the fact that I’m writing this on Jan 3rd instead of Jan 1st, I might have already missed that one.

2) Steek without tears

Although it’s possible that the tears slightly felt the wool making for a more stable steek prep.

3) Devote one day a week to be my “learning day”

A teacher needs to commit to continuing education. I have a giant pile of books to read and new knitting techniques to master. You all want fresh class content, so I gotta keep up with ya :).

3) Knit for pleasure

The only drawback to making your living playing with yarn, is it’s really easy to find that you haven’t knit one stitch that isn’t for a video, a class or a magazine for a year and a half.

3) Wipe the dust off my spinning wheel and make some yarn

I know this isn’t really a “knitter’s resolution”, but get off my back.

4) Devote one day to swatching . . . really, every week

Swatching is fun, swatching is dating your yarn, playing the field, messing around. I get sent yarn all the time from generous yarn companies to try. I want to have a regular (I’m gonna say Tuesday) day of cracking out the Stitchionaries and playing with yarn.

5) Stop telling my husband “As soon as I finish this row” when it’s time to (fill in blank), a) leave the house, b) eat, c) go to sleep.

Okay, everyone knows I’m not keeping that one 🙂

What are your “Knit Year’s” Resolutions?


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  • Andrea (xraymd) January 3, 2015   Reply →

    To become the boss of my stash, which right now is the total boss of me. I live in a house, not a yarn shop, but I can see why someone would be confused at this time!

    Also, to await your newest content and avidly watch it. I feel like I am standing on the shoulders of greatness. Seriously, I have never learned so much and in such an enjoyable way as I have from you since graduating college mumble mumble years ago. Thank you, Patty and happy new year!

  • LBottino January 3, 2015   Reply →

    Not to buy any more yarn and to work through some of the stash. To convince myself that a full set of Karbonz and Chiagoo Lace points in addition to some odds and ends are truly enough needles. * big sigh*

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