Squeeeee — New Season of Knitting Daily TV!

Me & Vickie Howell

Vickie is either really listening or thinking “wrap it up”

Knitting Daily TV
Check your local listings. I’m on episode 1 & 13 of the new season.

Last October I flew out to film a couple of segments for the new season of Knitting Daily TV. The crew was fantastic, and Vickie Howell was so welcoming and funny and great to work with. 

Here’s, by FAR, my favorite Vickie moment . . . I’m pretty good with timing a filmed segment. I prepare and I have a good internal clock.  As I’m filming my first segment with Vickie, I can tell by her questions, I’m doing fine on time, so I start to slow up a bit. Well, of course, Vickie has an ear piece so the producer can talk to her and give her wrap it up cues.  I’m just at the end of my segment and I say about the technique I’m demoing, “Want to know how”, and just then Vickie gets the wrap it up cue, but she knows I can finish the segment in one take so she says to me “Yes, tell me, and quickly”.  I LOVE HER SO HARD!

Here’s a teaser for the two episodes I’m on. The new season begins on Jan 15th, so check your local listings.  You can click here to find where it plays in your area. I book end the season on episode 1 & 13

Episode 1401

To purchase single episode click on picture below

Knitting Daily TV Episode 1401

Knitting Daily TV Episode 1401

Episode 1413

To purchase single episode click on picture below

Knitting Daily TV Episode 1413

Knitting Daily TV Episode 1413

Click HERE to purchase the whole season

Here’s a few backstage shots. Hope you enjoy the show!


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