Afterthought YO

Tuesday Tip: Afterthought Yarn Over

Tuesday Tip copyNo need to rip out when you realize you’ve forgotten a yarn over.  Just pop it in


Afterthought Yarn Over

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Interweave Knitting Bag of Tricks

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  • LBottino January 6, 2015   Reply →

    Great as always. Just how deep is that bag of tricks? Thank you sooooooo much for sharing your skill and experience with us.

  • Susan (sjanova) February 8, 2015   Reply →

    Patty, just wondering. In repairing the missing YO — you lifted the thread from row 6 but then you said to lift the thread from row 7 over the row 6 YO that you created. Isn’t that backwards? Aren’t you lifting the YO you just created to fix row 6 over the running thread from row 7 to make the row 7 st that worked the YO from the prior row? Maybe I misunderstood — might need more tea today. (It’s around 2:12 or so.)

    • Susan (sjanova) February 9, 2015   Reply →

      Thanks for the clarification. That’s how I usually do it, not how you said. (Fully understand about one-take situations!) I love your videos and classes — have recommended them for my niece, who is still a beginning knitter — I’m delighted that she’s “clicked” however!

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