Patty’s Purls of Wisdom is BACK!

Doctor-is-In-Lucy-PeanutsDear Abby for Knitters! – SHE’S BAAAACK

Knitter’s Advice Column

I’m so excited to announce my knitter’s advice column will be back and gracing the pages of Creative Knitting.

I need letters from you amazing knitters out there.

Coming soon . . .  A knitter’s advice column called “Patty’s Purls of Wisdom.” We are looking for great, funny, interesting e-mails to feature from great knitters. We are here to talk about ANYTHING: techniques, tips, how-tos, knitting etiquette, lifestyle questions, you name it. Doesn’t matter how silly you think it is (in fact, we encourage the silly, as it helps us keep our life in perspective).

Questions like:

– What’s the best short row method for a scarf?
– What are the tricks to keeping your sanity when knitting lace?
– How do you avoid killing your spouse when he moves your shawl off the couch making your delicate stitches slip off the needle and your stitch markers tumble to the floor?

Please write them in letter form, just like the old letter’s to Dear Abby. We’d love to feature the full letter in the column, not just the questions, so have fun with it! Let’s all learn from each other and let’s start talking knitting! So e-mail your questions to:

E-mail Patty’s Purl’s of Wisdom (

We look forward to reading your letters, and stay tuned for the first column of “Patty’s Purls of Wisdom.”

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  • Andrea Miller May 18, 2015   Reply →

    Dearest Patty, I have a possible topic to feature on Tuesday Tips or in Patty’s Purls of Wisdom but putting it into Dear Abby format is hard because of the ANGST I am now feeling due to my need. In fact, I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy pulls the football out from under him YET AGAIN – I share his response of AAUGH! It is due to having dropped a m1R and I can’t figure out how to pick it up that does not leave an eyelet in my work! I am sure I am missing twisting something and I am staring forlornly at my 4 ladders (which would represent a tink back of 800 stitches for the sweater I am making over 4 rounds if I can’t figure out how to fix this in the local place it exists). I can see on the private purl side of my work what the stitches look like but I can’t figure out how to replicate that. Can you help? I have scoured YouTube in vain. If this fix is featured in any of your excellent online classes, I would go straight there to learn it, if you can point me to it. But if this has never before been filmed, boy oh boy would it be nice to have a video on how to fix a dropped m1R or m1L. Thank you so much for considering!

  • Andrea Miller May 19, 2015   Reply →

    Oh, happy day, I had the foresight to purchase this class when it first came out, was saving it to watch when I had the free time to do so and now that I have the need to do so, I am so thrilled. Knitting fix, here I come (and thank you so much!)

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