Tuesday Tip: Extra Stretchy Bind Off

Tuesday Tip copyLast fall I ran a knitalong with Creative Knitting for my Fan the Flames Cowl. Since you know, I’m gonna pack it full of tips and tricks that aren’t on the page, I thought I’d share some of my favorites here.

The words “bind off loosely” can cause much frustration to knitters.  A stitch is wider than it is tall, so OF COURSE, when it lies down on it’s side for a bind off, it can’t possibly reach the next stitch. It needs a little help


With a lace edge that moves, this is even more important. We covered in a previous Tuesday Tip on the elastic cast on, now it’s time to end our project well.

Extra Stretchy Bind Off

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  • Paulette J Bergman February 11, 2015   Reply →

    OhMyGoodness! Where have I been? I just found you!! And you speak “knit” incredibly well with all kinds of new ways and means. Thank you!!! Paulette J (aka pj stitches!)

  • Bluenut February 15, 2015   Reply →

    There are two things that confuse me about this bind off:

    1) it looks like it really distorts the stitch that you leave on the left needle as you manoeuvre to get to bind of the stitch on the right hand needle. I’ve taken your Craftsy Improve your knitting class, and I know that generally we should avoid distortion. Why doesn’t it matter in this case?

    2) How does it work? As in, why does leaving the stitch behind on the left needle end up leading to a looser bind off.

    Also, I was wondering what it was called.

    • bluenut February 16, 2015   Reply →

      Thanks Patty. 🙂

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