Advanced Fixes in Knitting - Never too late for fixing your knitting!

It’s Never Too Late: Fixing Your Knitting

Last month I was thrilled at the release of my first class with Interweave Patty’s Knitting Bag of Tricks (reviews found here), now I’m happy to announce my second: Advanced Fixes in Knitting.

Fixing Your Knitting

In this two DVD set (or digital download) we go over fixes on the needles in lace, cables, in the round, color work, shaping and more, AND fixes after your work has been bound off . . . that’s right, it’s never too late to fix your knitting!




A few days ago, I posted about duplicate stitch. This little wonder is actually a huge family of fixes.

I hope you enjoy cutting your knitting as much as I do!

In other news, I’m doing my Customizing Sweater Pattern Class coming up as a webinar.

You can use promo code: PATTYLYONS15 to get 15% off any of the classes!

Customizing pt 1

More info HERE




Customizing pt 2

More info HERE

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  • Cathy Mangaudis March 7, 2015   Reply →

    Just purchased this class yesterday 🙂 Interweave actually has a 30% off deal going on right now. I am thrilled to have another one of your classes (this is my third). I have been knitting almost my entire life and I have learned so much from you, but most importantly, I have acquired a clearer understanding of “why” we do things a certain way and that is all thanks to you! Your classes are so much fun to watch that you don’t even realize you are learning! That is a sign of an amazing teacher! 🙂

  • barbara March 11, 2015   Reply →

    i have taken your craftsy class and want to take your interweave classes, but I wonder if interweave captions their classes. I am hard of hearing and have trouble understanding everything even with headphones. i couldn’t find any information about captioning or even contact info to ask about this, so i thought i would ask you. thank you, patty, for any help you can provide me.

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