Back to Back Teaching Trips = Knitting Shows & Tired Teacher!

The fall and the spring are often crazy busy times in the life of a full time knitting teacher and designer. This spring was no exception  . . . a perfect storm of crazy. Four sweaters designs due, three new classes to finish, two new online class scripts to finish, and back to back teaching trips = 44 hours of teaching in eleven days!

Knitting Shows – Teaching across the land!

First up, a quick 3000 mile flight across the country to knitting show #1 Vogue Knitting Live Pasedena!

After spending a “restful” 44 hours at home, it was time to have my alarm ring at 4:30 am for the third time in a month to fly to LaCross WI for a two day teaching trip at the charming Yarnology, in Winona, Minnesota.

Next up it was time for a 2 hour drive to Minnesota for teaching at the 29th anniversary Yarnover, and then two amazing days at the one and only Steven Be.

The trip was topped off with a fun night speaking at the Minnesota Knitting Guild. I was too exhausted to remember to take pictures, but here’s one picture that was posted on the guild’s Facebook page:

MKG - Guild presentation

. . . and the alarm rang at 4:30 am the next morning to take me home.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put these knitting shows on and make them so wonderful.

Next up  . . . I don’t remember, I’ll have to check my schedule.

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  • Patty Brown April 30, 2015   Reply →

    I am so thankful to have blindly stumbled, with the helpful nudging of my lovely Yarnologists Gaby and Kelly, into your class. I now feel I may be verging on “stalkerish-like” behavior to hear more of your smart talk. Simply wonderful!

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