Best Beginner Knitting Video EVER!

Recently (thanks to Google Alerts), I stumbled upon the best beginner knitting YouTube Video ever!!

It might not have the best production values, the lighting could use a bit of a tweek, the camera work might be better, and the teaching terms include things like “scooch” and “diagonal line looking thing”. So why do I love it SOOOOO hard?

Because this kid loves knitting so much that she wants to teach. That’s important enough that it bears repeating . . . she loves knitting so much that she wants to TEACH. That to me, is a beautiful thing, and nothing makes me happier, so that’s why I declare this:

The Best Beginner Knitting Video EVER!

So give her some love, give her some encouragement. Leave a comment, give a thumbs up.

Remember, our knitting future, rests in her hands!

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