Vogue Knitting Live

Brilliant Students + Beautiful Yarn = Vogue Knitting Live

Last weekend I had the joy of combining: hanging in my home town, admiring the beautiful Palmer House, laughing with my friends, fondling beautiful yarn, and most importantly, being awestruck by over 100 brilliant students at . . .

Vogue Knitting Live

Stay tuned, the New York show will open registration soon. The second the classes are announced, I will update my class page. By the way, New Yorkers, I will be teaching in Brooklyn in a few weeks – click here for more info, and at String in November, click here for more information . . .

but for now, here’s a sneak peek at the fun of VK Live.

Missed the fun . . . Join me in New York in Jan for VK Live NYC. Click HERE for information on classes.

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  • Andrea Miller October 11, 2015   Reply →

    You are a Chicagoan? I would have sworn you were a NYC native!

    About your gauge class, is that filmed anywhere for any of us who were not lucky enough/able to go where VKL was? Is it part of any of your new classes or is this something you may be thinking of independently formulating and filming? (if you can share)

    Gauge is where it begins! Would love learning the best ways of managing gauge from you!

  • Andrea Miller October 11, 2015   Reply →

    Thanks for writing, Zontee, I had thought I was replying to a post of Patty’s which is why the comment about being from Chicago! Are you a gauge teacher? Craftsy needs you! Or the rest of us need you who may not be on Craftsy.

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