A Knitting Teacher’s Gratitude List

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and this time of year we often pause to think about what we are grateful for. I present for you . . . .

A Knitter’s Thanksgiving

What this knitwear designer / knitting teacher is grateful for and why.

My Students

I am so grateful for all the students who show up at guilds, knitting shows, shops and online to attend my classes. A teacher without students is just a crazy person talking to themselves, so THANK YOU to all my students. Thank you for sharing your time, your talents, your spirit and your ideas. You make me laugh and inspire me daily.

My amazing students

My Friends

I spend a lot of time on the road. As a knitting teacher, I spend a LOT of time on planes traveling to teach all of you. This means I spend about 1/3 of my year away from home, and my fellow knitting teachers and all my industry friends have become my lifeline, my sanity, my home away from home.

This year has been a rough one for many of the people I love most in the world. This means I am also grateful for texting (something I NEVER thought I’d say), that allows me to stay in touch even though we are many miles away from each other.

I am terrible at remembering to take pictures, so this is just a small sampling of all my amazing yarny friends, you know who you are. Thanks for everything. I love you all.

My Annual Trip to Rhinebeck

There is one time of year where I get to go to my happy place. It involves spending the weekend with my husband, my friends, yarn and sheep . . . it is Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool. It is one of the greatest weekends in my year. Thank you to my regular Rhinebeck gang. So glad to have added Bea to the line up this year 🙂

Yarn and Books

This seems like a no brainer, but it’s worth saying. I love yarn and I love knitting books. I love yarn so much that I can’t seem to get rid of all those tiny left over balls of yarn, so I have them in bowls, baskets and vases in every room of my house (yarn is pretty). In my office, I just evicted a 13″ TV that used to live on the bookshelves, so I could have more room for knitting books and magazines.IMG_4776










Coffee & Wine

Yep, there’s no way around it. Morning and evening just wouldn’t be the same without them.

IMG_4471 IMG_3767








I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving and may you all eat, knit and by happy!

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  • Tammy Burke November 25, 2015   Reply →

    Love seeing all my favorite people hanging out with you in your post, I’m thankful for your sharing. Love, –tammy

  • Susan March 30, 2016   Reply →

    I’m watching your class for fixing mistakes (I bought both classes from Interweave) and I was curious what kind of needles you were using.

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