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  • Ann Svenson

    My sister Martha & I are in one of the pics from Chicago, front table on the right, holding up our swatches. I’m registered for you Knitting Magic class in NYC in 2 wks, but unfortunately had to have emergency surgery for a hip ineffective on Monday, so won’t make it. I’m so disappointed! Maybe another place in 2016. Happy new year to you!

    January 01, 2016
    • Ann Svenson

      Good old autocorrect–that should have read hip infection!

      January 01, 2016
  • Cindy

    My friend, Jill, and I are also in one of the pictures from Stitches Midwest. We went crazy and took 4 classes, don’t think I’ll do that again because it was overload. I can say that I will definitely take another class with you again! Thanks, Patti!

    January 03, 2016
    • Aw thanks! I look forward to seeing you in class soon.

      January 04, 2016
  • Theresa

    I am in one of your pictures from the cruise. Learned a lot and still working on improving my technique. Hope to see you somewhere in 2016.

    January 07, 2016

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