Knitting Events 2015

A Knitting Teacher’s Year In Review

2015 went so fast! I was so lucky to get to travel all over the country meeting and teaching (and being taught by) the most amazing knitters around. The year took me to knitting shows, guilds, shops, and back in the studio to film 2 more DVDs, and through it all, you were there.

Year in Review  – Knitting Events 2015

As always, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of my amazing students.  That includes all of my online students from Craftsy, Annie’s and Interweave.

Thank you so much for making me laugh, and keeping me sane as I spend over a third of my year on the road with all of you.

I’m not so great at remembering to take photos when I teach, so I have shockingly few. Sometimes I only remember when class has ended (so I also have a lot of 1/2 empty classroom shots), but here’s a few shots from my year.

If you see yourself in a photo, leave a comment and say hi!

See you somewhere in class in 2016.

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  • Ann Svenson January 1, 2016   Reply →

    My sister Martha & I are in one of the pics from Chicago, front table on the right, holding up our swatches. I’m registered for you Knitting Magic class in NYC in 2 wks, but unfortunately had to have emergency surgery for a hip ineffective on Monday, so won’t make it. I’m so disappointed! Maybe another place in 2016. Happy new year to you!

    • Ann Svenson January 1, 2016   Reply →

      Good old autocorrect–that should have read hip infection!

  • Cindy January 3, 2016   Reply →

    My friend, Jill, and I are also in one of the pictures from Stitches Midwest. We went crazy and took 4 classes, don’t think I’ll do that again because it was overload. I can say that I will definitely take another class with you again! Thanks, Patti!

  • Theresa January 7, 2016   Reply →

    I am in one of your pictures from the cruise. Learned a lot and still working on improving my technique. Hope to see you somewhere in 2016.

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