Knitter's Goodie Bag Giveaway

Knitter’s Goodie Bag Raffle! And the Winner Is . . . .

Wow. A couple of weeks ago, I ran a raffle to win a goodie bag full of yarn, needles and notions. I asked my students to share a swatch, or project that they made from class. There were some amazing entries, and the randomly chosen winner is one of my Vogue Knitting Live students from the most recent show in New York.

And the Raffle Winner is . . .

Paula took Knitting ER: Tragedy and Treatment at Vogue Knitting Live New York and submitted this photo:

Can you find my "I'm just learning how to pick up dropped stitches" mistake in my non-fixed garter stitch sample? #pattylyonsclassproject

Can you find my “I’m just learning how to pick up dropped stitches” mistake in my non-fixed garter stitch sample? #pattylyonsclassproject

There were so many other wonderful submissions. Here are some of the submissions along with the students notes. Thank you all for sharing your work. It was thrilling to see it all.

This was too fun to not repeat, so stay tuned, later this year for the next goodie bag rafflle!

  1. Patty Lyons Knitting Bag of Tricks at Vogue Knitting Live Pasadena helped me to read my work and adjust the pattern to make this for my daughter and grandson.
  2. Purl side was done using Portuguese knitting that I learned in Patty’s class on our #nauticalknittingcruise #PattyLyonsclassproject
  3. One of my 2016 goals is to try more colorwork. This has been my only attempt so far. Did this two handed after learning in @pattyjlyons Improve Your Knitting, my most recommended Craftsy class to knitting friends both new and experienced. Another favorite and oft used technique from that class (amongst so many) is the lazy purl. Oh, and combination knitting. Really, I could go on and on. ramonafirehorse#PattyLyonsclassproject
  4. ‪#‎pattylyonsclassproject‬ . I made this scarf after taking Portuguese Knitting and Stop Turning: Knitting and Purling Backwards with Patty Lyons. One side was done Portuguese and the other side backwards in a K2P2 rib. It was a lot of fun. Joey and Daisy helped. A lot.
  5. I know from personal experience that Patty has a great way of teaching even experienced knitters some new tricks to help improve skills. I have enjoyed and employed several of these tips that I picked up from her Craftsy class, especially a little trick that completely fixed the problem that I’d been having with my Twisted German CO (which used to get too twisted!). Now all my stretchy edges behave beautifully, like this hat.
  6. Improve Your Knitting on Craftsy. I improved my stockinette stitch by leaps and bounds by learning combination knitting from Patty. The photo is of a swatch for a baseball jacket for my great nephew. You can see my “rowing out” problem on the back side of the gauge swatch. The final baseball jacket was a success! Thank you Patty!
  7. Made as part of Patty’s Lyons class Explorations in Cables. Patty is a phenomenal teacher, and in my opinion ranks with Elizabeth Zimmerman, Meg Swanson and Lucy Neatby! She teaches techniques using multiple knitting methods and explains pros and cons and modifications needed when using different styles. I’ve always had problems with the uneven stitches at the transition from cable to background fabric. Patty’s tips helped me improve my technique.
  8. Using lazy purls at edges to tighten work. Also using tightening technique when entering 2nd stitch. Patty’s Tricks and Tips class is the bomb!!
  9. I took a Knitting ER class from you and I have used several of your tips to fix my mistakes, I even purchased a set of double ended crochet hooks to use.
  10. Taught myself to knit continental style after starting out mirror knitting as a left hander, but I could never master purling. I had to pinch the yarn to wrap it and my tension was often too loose. After watching Patty Lyons’ Craftsy class Improve Your Knitting I learned a new way to purl by changing how I tensioned the yarn, and also solved a problem with rowing out. Thanks to Patty I can now purl efficiently with a finger flick which makes it so much easier to alternate knits and purls.
  11. #pattylyonsclassproject after@pattyjlyons class Improve your knitting Craftsy class I learnt to size my stitches with the body of the needle. Eye opening!
  12. Love the pattern and the instruction. Patty is a fantastic instructor – clear and enthusiastic. She has some fantastic tips and great delivery. I also love the yarn and the way this cowl worked out.
  13. After watching Patty on Craftsy I changed the way I hold and tension my yarn. I have learned a lot from her, but this impacts every project
  14. At the Knit and Crochet Show in 2014; I took a class from Patty Lyons on sweater design. I had only made one sweater prior to designing this one. Her class was so helpful in teaching me the anatomy of a sweater and how to figure out stitch count etc.
  15. I was an experienced English style, throwing pitknitter but lost the fun of knitting somehow. Loved this class and the way Patty is teaching as it makes sense, the why’s and not only the hows. All stuff is explained very clear. So after a break of 20 years i love to knit again! For this project i mixed and matched some knitting methods. Continental knit, eastern/combination purls for buttonband and next to eyelets, and a scoop/left thumb throwing hybrid for the purl rows. #PattyLyonsclassproject
  16. #pattylyonsclassproject
    The cables class in Craftsy taught me to read cable charts! This sweater part would never have been without that class.
  17. ‪#‎pattylyonsclassproject‬ . I used the stretchy K2 Sl2 K2tog tbl bindoff fromPatty Lyons’ Fantastic Cast Ons and BindOffs class, and it looks great!
  18. #pattylyonsclassproject @pattyjlyons Practicing the Modified Italian Cast On for my gauge swatch that won’t lie, now that I’ve taken Make Your Gauge Work at Vogue Knitting Live 2016
  19. I saw a very similar cardigan at an expensive shop in NYC. It reminded me of something my father wore, hence the name. The construction was a simple raglan worked in pieces which let me use a variety of cable patterns and apply the tricks Patty teaches in this course. I wanted this to look as professional as possible and used tubular cast on. The shawl collar gave me a little trouble since I had never worked one before. To avoid having to figure out any complicated side shaping, it’s just worked in stockinette. The cables’ tendency to pull in gave it enough shaping.
  20. Blog post about her swatch.
  21. My new hat. Thanks Patty Lyons.
  22. Will be saving so much time not ripping back to figure out where a stitch is now that I can read the stitches. Also feels like knitting will be more relaxing because I will be mindfully knitting, but not stressing on reading directions. Between How to Read Your Knit Stitches & Master the Pattern class online at Annie’s and my recent live class on Make Your Gauge Work at Vogue Knitting Live, I’m feeling empowered. Thanks a million to a great teacher – and swatches can be fun  #pattylyonsclassproject

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work. It’s an honor to teach all of you!

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