Tuesday Tip: Gauge Swatch in the Round


  • Peta

    Hi. I would never have thought of this. Takes people like you to keep me educated. What did we do without the internet? Wander the Earth searching in libraries, hoping for exactly what we want to turn up. Problem with that is you have to know the question to ask. Don’t get me wrong I love the library but the internet is keeping me informed. Thanks again for the information.

    February 10, 2016
  • Ellie Gaines

    Thank you for your instructions on how to properly gauge a circular knitting swatch. I’ve done it this way, but I did not
    cut the strands across the back, since I couldn’t reuse the yarn if necessary. I see the wisdom in this though, so I plan to do this in the future. I will be in your class at Bergamo, Dayton, OH, the later part of April, assuming
    I will be well enough by then. Thanks for accepting the invitation from the Dayton Knitting Guild. Hope you are feeling better. Ellie

    February 13, 2016
  • Georgene Wray

    Patti, thank you for this really useful tip. While I was aware of the fact I did not really know how to achieve a small swatch in the round – simple easy fix but brilliant – you have explained so well.

    Another query – does the material from which the needles are constructed (wood/metal) make a difference to the gauge? Pure logic says no but I have a gut feeling that it does – had to switch needles in a recent project. The knitted fabric felt “different”. Perhaps it is something to do with the weight of the needles. Do you have any thoughts on the subject. Georgie

    February 14, 2016
    • Yes needle material affects gauge quite a bit. I talk about this in my gauge class. Specifically row gauge. If you saw episode 1401 (click here for more info) of Knitting Daily, I demo different needle material to get different row gauge.

      February 15, 2016
    • Georgene Wray

      Greetings from ‘down under’- I have purchased the KDaily episode & done some trial knitting with ndls made from wood/metal as suggested – seeing is believing. Wood ndls gave better st definition in this exercise. The original ‘switch’ was by design for needle length – I short cut with sock ndls for a 10st lace edge from which the body sts would be picked up – did not have ndls matching in size & construction material.
      I now know what NOT to do next time – thank you for replying & I am sorry for not getting the spelling of your name correct. I recently enrolled in your Craftsy course – it is refreshing viewing & makes me think a bit more about what I am actually doing even though I have been knitting for many years – habits die hard! Georgie

      March 13, 2016
  • […] I have written about gauge many times. I think about gauge, I teach gauge, I believe in gauge. I’ve filmed a video for a special cast on for gauge, written about how to measure when you can’t see your stitches, how to block your swatch, and how to swatch for in the round projects. […]

    February 07, 2017

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