A Trip to the Rochester KnittingGuild

This year I spent my birthday with the Rochester Knitting Guild. If a girl has to be away from her hubby on her birthday this is a pretty great place to be. I was surrounded by wonderful knitters who were funny, nice and talented . . . and there was cake involved.

Rochester Knitting Guild

Rochester Knitting Guild

I love doing the big knitting shows, but there’s something special about doing a guild retreat where you are lucky enough to work with many of the same knitters over multiple days. You really get to know folks.

The trip began with an excellent birthday dinner complete with a big goodie bag of snacks and a cake. The trip ended with a giant bag of gifts! In between came 8 workshops, one guild talk, a couple hundred knitters, a lot of laughs, and about 9 trips to Wegmans (coming to Brooklyn soon!)

There were many immediate applications to things learned in the workshops (short row shaping to make a shawl stay on shoulders, repositioning of buttonholes, exploration in Portuguese knitting, knitting in tails as we go and short row bust darts!). I know this because of the e-mail,  Facebook posts, Ravelry messages (join the group for fun!) and Instagram posts that have been shared.

If you learned something you want to share, leave me a comment!

Here’s a slide show of just some of the fun that was had

Next up the Dayton Guild and San Diego Guild.

If you have a guild or shop that would like me to visit, contact me here.

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  • Andrea Miller April 17, 2016   Reply →

    Patty, happy recent birthday, and what a great way to celebrate it being surrounded by enthusiastic knitters who dote on everything you have to teach. It may have been your birthday but the lucky knitters at the guild are the ones who got the present – the gift of your joining them for in-person lessons. The upcoming guilds you will be visiting will be just as lucky to have you. It is a really grand thing you get to do, and how much delight you spread all the while as you do something you love. Thank you for all you share with knitters everywhere!

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