Vogue Knitting Live Pasedena

Vogue Knitting Live Pasadena

Yesterday morning it was in the 30s when I woke up, so I’m not gonna lie, I’m doing a bit of California dreaming. Luckily I don’t have wait to long, since Vogue Knitting Live Pasadena is just 4 weeks away. If you haven’t booked yet . . . hop onto Kayak and find a flight, this is not to be missed!

Vogue Knitting Live Pasadena

I thought I’d give you a round up of the classes I’m teaching, and tell you why I’m teaching them! The show starts out with my two most popular classes.

Friday, May 13th

Vogue Knitting Live Pasedena

Make YOUR Gauge Work!

“Make YOUR Gauge Work” grew out of the obvious frustration that knitters had with the dreaded – gauge swatch. In this class we focus on all the ways your swatch lies to you . . . and once we are sure we are doing everything right to get an accurate gauge, we STOP worrying about matching the pattern gauge.

That’s where the real fun comes in, learning the simple math needed to use YOUR gauge, not the pattern gauge.

Vogue Knitting Live Pasedena

Patty’s Knitting Bag of Tricks

“Patty’s Knitting Bag of Tricks” is all my crazy little ways to make your knitting life better.

This is a fun hands on knitting class where you will work on swatches and discover tricks that fall into two categories:

  1. Finding easier ways to do things
  2. Finding ways to make your knitting look better

A few magical tricks even cover both (easier AND better looking).

This is one of my favorite classes to teach because I find that so many of us are bugged by the same things – sloppy edge, icky necklines, non matching SSK or YO, and that crazy BIG loop at the end of your Bind off.

Join me and fix them all!

Saturday May 14th

Vogue Knitting Live Pasedena

Knitting ER

When I was a new knitter I felt like I spent more time ripping out than I did knitting. If I’m being honest – there were tears involved.

Once I learned not only how to recognize my mistakes, but how to fix them, my knitting took off!

Don’t let mistakes hold you back or make you put your project in time out. Come to “Knitting ER” and learn how to heal your ailing stitches


Vogue Knitting Live Pasedena

Secrets to Spectacular Sweater Success

I’m a sweater junkie. It’s practically all I design and all I knit.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to kick up my sweater knitting to the next level. I have a list of tricks that make a sweater look not just good, but GREAT. “Secrets to Spectacular Sweater Success”, is that list.

After you come to class, you will know all the inside tricks that my sample knitters know about how to improve the look of your sweater.

From the cast on to the bind off and everything between we’ll work hands on with our swatches learning how to make ribbing, shoulders, shaping look better. We’ll even look at tricky finishing bits that can make or break your sweater.


Sunday May 15th

Vogue Knitting Live Pasedena

Shape Up!

“Shape Up” was another class born out of knitter’s frustration. I realized how much the simple words “Shaping Staying in Pattern” made knitter’s swoon.

We will be knitting swatches while mastering shaping in knits and purls, cables and lace. We’ll look at tools like words, charts and your own eyes to help you figure out what to do next!


Vogue Knitting Live Pasedena

Knitting Magic

“Knitting Magic” is a super fun hands on knitting class that covers some of the most magical knitting tricks. Not only will we look at magic loop (and if you know it already, we’ll look at tricks to make it look better!), but Judy’s Magic Cast on!

The real fun starts when we take these two magics and use them in a new way. We will look at a most magical provisional cast on, and finally, an incredibly beautiful tubular cast on !

Come on, get magical!

Hope to see you there. You can see all my upcoming classes here.

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