Design Inspiration – Twist Collective Ziarre

The new Twist Collective came out recently, and I thought I’d give you a glimpse at the elements that went into inspiring Ziarre. As with my last Twist Collective Design, Sachertorte, I was inspired by a vintage silhouette (read about my last Design Inspiration) as well as a bit of nature.

Design Inspiration – Ziarre


I’ve always loved the cropped look of those fab vintage sweaters. There’s something so fresh and adorable about a sweater that hits you right at the waist. I can be paired with a swing skirt, a pencil skirt or a pair of skinny jeans (for a mix of vintage and modern).

I LOVE a nice half sleeve. It’s universally flattering, and very versatile.

Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration

I also love a wide rib at the waist.

I’ve always wanted to design an adorable little classic cardi. I didn’t want to make it too fussy or complicated.  I decided on a simple little lace pattern for the fronts and the sleeve. I was taken by the morning glory vines that wrap and climb around anything nearby.

Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration

I had originally swatched it using single decreases and increases, but it didn’t pop the way I wanted, so I reswatched using double decreases and increases and yipee, I got my twisting vines.

For more inspiration, check our my Silouettes I Love Board on Pinterest.

Leave me a comment and let me know what looks you love.


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