Vogue Knitting Live Pasadena 2016










I finally unpacked (okay, it takes me a while to recover from back to back California trips), and another amazing Vogue Knitting Live, is finished (is it November yet and time for the next one?)

For those of you following along, you might remember that at VK Live NYC (“In which Patty ventures to Manhatten, teaches 165 students, loses her voice and is saved by her friends and the staff of Vogue Knitting Live.”) I had a bit of a rough time, but not is sunny California!

Vogue Knitting Live Pasadena 2016

Vogue Knitting Pasadena 2016
It was a bit of a crazy travel time in the weeks before VK. I had been on a grand total of 12 planes in the month leading up to the show. This included just getting off a plane FROM California 4 days earlier (only to turn right back around and head back), but . . . it was all worth it the second I arrived.

First things first – dump by bags and meet up with friends for a quick beverage before the teacher meeting.

What followed was three fantastic days filled with six classes, one great cocktail party and friends, fun, yarn, learning and laughs.

One of my favorite things was that got to wear my Corcoran sweater for the first time (the KAL starts on June 20th) while teaching “Secrets of Spectacular Sweater Success” to a truly amazing group of 26 knitters.

Here are a few pics from the show. See you all in Minneapolis in November!

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