Drop Stitches

Fun with Drop Stitches!

When I was working on my new class, “Let it Go: Drop Stitch Patterns”, I worked on more stitch patterns then I could possibly fit into one class. I also decided I was having a LOT of

Fun with Drop Stitches

Once I got my hands on the gorgeous Black Bunny Fibers yarn Devon I knew I had to create a few drop stitch patterns.

Just added two new patterns to my Ravelry store:

Bacchus Cowl

cowls flat

cowl 1

Clos Grapevine Scarf

Cover photo

Want to learn more about drop stitch patterns? Check out “Let It Go: Drop Stitch Patterns”


See where I’m teaching it next HERE.

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  • Kris Huber Van Allen July 29, 2016   Reply →

    wow, this is incredibly timely for me! I am working through a pattern on Ravelry for a shawl (Stitch Sampler) that uses YO added between stitches to produce the elongation. I’ve only used added wraps of the K stitch. I don’t see a real difference in the final fabric between these two….is there a difference/reason to choose one method over the other?

  • Kris Huber Van Allen July 29, 2016   Reply →

    thanks for the fast response, Patty! Sounds like a great class.

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