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  • Jean Giangarra

    I got sidetracked with this KAL and am still only on the back. My daughter got married, my grandson got baptized, my husband needed a heart stent…and other random stuff has been happening. However, I have been collecting all the hints and learning from the tutorials (which, I must admit, I was surprised at how useful they were, given that I’m not a YouTube knitter) and will complete this project, albeit past the “deadline”.

    Thank you, Patty, once again for caring enough to share scads of info and tips. I hope the next KAL I might actually be on target for the “deadline”. Not sure if this counts on the “story” aspect of the give away but I am not a hash tagger. If not, it’s ok. Just wanted to share my thoughts with you.

    Thanks again,
    Jean Giangarra

    August 01, 2016
  • Margo Beckwith-Byrne

    I have made many a sweater over the years but NEVER have I been thrilled with the results. (Once I had to unravel the whole sweater and knit it again…yes swatching is important!!!) The step by step videos Patty created were amazing…the videos were well done and the instructions clear and easy to follow. Patty is THE BEST instructor I have come across and I have see many…the explaining of the why with the how Patty hits it out of the park every time!! I know consider myself a sweater knitter!!!!

    August 15, 2016
    • Wow! What a wonderful thing to say!

      August 15, 2016

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