How to Seam Garter Stitch

Tuesday Tip – How to Seam Garter Stitch

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Many of you have sent wonderful suggestions for Tuesday Tips. You’ve emailed and left comments, and asked for some fabulous stuff. Sure, there have been plenty of fancy requests, but by far the most frequently requested tutorials involve seaming.

We’ve explored the shoulder seam, and this month we turn our attention to

How to Seam Garter Stitch!

In both Knitting ER and in How to Read Your Knit Stitches & Master the Pattern, we really look at the structure of garter stitch. The face of garter is a row of knits and a row of purls. Although you could seam it using mattress stitch, that makes an invisible seam in stockinette (something we’ll explore in another Tuesday tip), to truly make an invisible seam in garter, I prefer working with smiles and frowns!

How to Seam Garter Stitch

You’ll notice that the frown is all the way at the edge of the fabric on one side, while the smile is a bit in from the edge. This is because if you look closely, you’ll see that the frown is the head of the stitch (the last / first stitch of the fabric), while the smile is the working yarn between two stitches.
How to Seam Garter Stitch

How to Seam Garter Stitch

How to Seam Garter Stitch

I showed in in a contrasting yarn to help you see the path the yarn travelled, but . . .

How to Seam Garter Stitch

How to Seam Garter Stitch

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