Big Box of Knitting Fails – Student Guest Edition!

Big Box of Knitting FailsFor those of you that have taken classes with me, you know all about “Patty’s Big Box of Knitting Fails”. I seem to have an example of something tragic I’ve done in my knitting for nearly everything I’m teaching. I recently gave a talk about my fails and students are starting to send me in some hilarious fails of their own. Today’s episode, two never to be forgotten . . .

Knitting Fails  – (Guest Edition)

Guest Knitting Fail #1:

A student told a story about one of her first knitting projects. She was working on it for a while and it was looking a little odd. She showed it to a friend and she agreed that the fabric was looking a little odd. Her friend asked what needle the pattern called for. She said confidently “oh, the pattern called for a US 5. I didn’t have any, so I used one US 4 and one US 6 so it would be the same”.

aaaad . . . scene!

Guest Knitting Fail #2: (Don’t ruin the surprise by scrolling down to see the picture until I tell you to)

A knitter from a teaching trip told me a classic tale of sock knitting gone wrong. This particular knitter had successfully turned the heal and had finished knitting the foot, shaped the toe and was rounding the home stretch to the final step, grafting the toe.

As my mother used to alway say, there was just one problem . . .

(scroll down to see what went wrong)













She had forgotten they were toe up socks (wah waaaaah)

Do you have a knitting fail? Share it in a comment.


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  • Jo February 18, 2021   Reply →

    I have one right now. I was knitting a bottom-up raglan sweater pattern for the first time and decided to knit the sleeves first. They called for increases, but I tried them on as I knitted them and liked the close fit. So I omitted the increases. They looked great. I’ve just finished the body, knitted on the sleeves and begun the raglan decreases … and they are eating into my already close fitting sleeves. Not gonna work. Frogging in my future.

  • Julie Breuninger March 15, 2021   Reply →

    I was at the knit shop once when a knitter finished her first pullover. She bound off the sleeve and tried it on. One sleeve was on the side, one sleeve was on the top and the neck was on the other side. Thank goodness she laughed, I think I would have cried.

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