Tortola KAL Update

On Jan 23 registration opened for the Tortola KAL – Sweater class. In the following weeks our ranks quickly grew to over 300 knitters working on their gauge swatch! On Feb 20 clue #1 for the Tortola KAL Sweater class came out and we are now 365 knitters strong, with new knitters joining us everyday!

Monday our first, of many, participation prizes got awarded!

Knitters who join us before April 24 will still get 25 video tutorials (over 3 hours of filmed sweater instruction), all the sweater modifications and knitting how tos for just the price of the Tortola pattern – $8.00!! Let’s see how everyone’s doing.

Tortola KAL update

After April 24 the pattern only price will stay at $8.00, but if you want to get the pattern + the sweater class (modification notes, how tos and 3 hours of video content), the cost will be $14.00.

With so many wonderful pictures coming in, I thought sharing some might inspire the knitters who have just joined us, and the knitter’s who are thinking about joining.

My favorite thing is reading all the knitter’s comments and excitement when they get it!! This Ravelry group has the kindest, funniest, most supportive knitters in the world!

Getting Started – Swatching

There were three video tutorials just on gauge! We learned about measuring our unblocked and blocked gauge swatch, tricks for getting a better row gauge!

Getting started knitters said:

I’ve never participated in a project like this even though I’ve been knitting for quite a while now. I’ve taken a class from Patty Lyons at Vogue in NYC and enjoyed it so much. Can’t wait to get started. I love this design.

Excited to get started on my second sweater with Patty.

I’ve learned a lot with Patty’s KAL that I wouldn’t want to miss this one. Looks interesting!

Here’s a few:

Clue #1 – Practice swatch, lateral braid, lace, short row shirt tail and waist shaping!

This clue was PACKED. Here’s what the knitter’s had to say:

Wow, there is a lot of information in the first clue! We are really starting out with a bang. Thank you.

I’m already learning a ton of new things and I’ve only cast on! Thank you Patty

Since there were so many brand new techniques, one of the videos was on making a practice swatch

I’m glad I got to practice the stitch pattern, short rows (Patty’s video was so helpful), and specially the lateral braid. Wow! I can see how much I will learn participating in this KAL. 

Lateral Braid

Not going to lie, this two row lateral braid is time consuming, but oooooh so pretty

But now I’ve watched all the videos, reviewed my Craftsy class and made my swatch purling back backwards, and practicing all the tips. Wow! I’ve learned and put in to practice SO much!

Short Row Shirt Tail & Lace

OMG! I couldn’t remember which lace row I was on so looked at my knitting ….and glory be, I saw a yarn over, left leaning decrease, a knit stitch and a rt leaning decrease!! Clear as Day! My knitting skills have really improved. Thanks Patty!

Brand new knitters mastered short row shaping for the shirt tail hem. Pretty impressive. There are videos for every step of the way, so you can do it too!

Waist Shaping

And before you knew it, the waist shaping was finished and we were all the way up to the armhole! 

Stay tuned for soooo much more (and prizes!).

Still haven’t joined us? What are you waiting for! See you all on the Ravelry group! FiberWild is ready and waiting to get you your yarn at 15% off AND free shipping!

I’ve definitely learned so much from Patty and everyone in here.

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