The Secrets of Tortola

UPDATED 2021 – The class now has brand new filmed content, new tutorials and is a fully streaming / downloadable class on!!

Last December on the Nautical Knitting Cruise I debuted Tortola. I was supposed to have two versions ready for the photo shoot, the cap sleeve and the tank . . .

Now that we are elbow deep into the knit along, it’s time to reveal

The Behind the Scenes Secrets of Tortola

So I didn’t finish the tank top version, so in a last minute, pre cruise decision, I ripped out one of the caps in the cap sleeve top, and picked up stitches for the icord bind off so I could show the students in the class (Secret Summer Topper, that was the class that got a sneak peek at the sweater) both versions.

One tiny problem . . . I was supposed to do a photoshoot for the pattern on the cruise. Laura Nelkin took the photos and we did our best to shoot one side and then the other. Here’s a few where I reveal the secret

It’s a cap sleeve

It’s a tank top






It’s both!!!

The other secret, I’m a TERRIBLE model. I can’t stop making faces, and Laura just kept shooting

That’s right, it takes about 10 photos to get one where I didn’t look like a dope, but Laura would not give up.

Finally she couldn’t stand it anymore and said “try walking towards me to relax”, as I walked (making silly faces the whole time), I’m sure Laura was considering jumping overboard

When I looked at the walking photos I really liked them and I wish that I had both sleeve caps on and wasn’t wearing the hair band that I just took off, around my wrist . . . photoshop to the rescue!!

Hairband on Wrist, One Sleeve

Add a sleeve, remove a hair band!











But that will be our little secret 🙂

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  • Kathryn Morse April 6, 2017   Reply →

    You’re a lovely model and it’s a great pattern! That’s not a secret …

  • Micheline Prescott April 14, 2017   Reply →

    This is great! It gave me a much needed giggle for a Friday. You did a great job modeling.

    • Rita July 18, 2021   Reply →

      You look terrific in your design. It’s a cute sweater, and gorgeous color. I love both versions, particularly the tank version.

  • Edie Di Pede April 14, 2017   Reply →

    Looks like you were having a good time! Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Maybe you’ll start a new trend – after all, asymmetrical is in isn’t it? Love the pattern!

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