Tortola Finished Sweaters & Final Prizes!!

I can’t believe it’s over! On Feb 20 365 knitters cast on for their gauge swatches and began the Tortola KAL. Today, we have an amazing 492 knitters!!!  In March I wrote about the sweaters in progress, and now it’s time to award the final PRIZES!!

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A huge thank you to every knitter in the Ravelry group who shared their ideas, questions and cheerleading to the project. THAT’S what makes a KAL really work. Now with no further ado . . .

Tortola KAL Final PRIZES!!!

These are BIG grand prizes with goodies donated from

Della Q
Hiya Hiya
Love & Leche
Ott Light
Slipped Stitch Studio

A couple of weeks ago I announced the 3 final prize categories. Folks posted their pictures and stories on the group and on social media.

  1. Best Thing I Learned In Patty Lyons KAL (story)
  2. Great Finished Sweater Photo (photo)
  3. Most Valuable KAL Player (story)

I put all the names in a knitting bag and drew random winners in the first 2 categories, and the MVP award was picked by the group.

And the winners are . . .

    1. Best Thing I Learned in Patty Lyons KAL

Meet Ravelry user – rebrenner31

She posted on the board

“Best Things I Learned in Patty Lyons KAL”

I met Patty for the first time this year at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC. She took my breath away! Not only was she a knowledgeable knitter, but she was a teacher! Patty knew how to provide each student with so many new skills in her short workshop. She motivated, taught and answered questions, directed each learner to a new understanding of knitting.

I couldn’t wait to particiapte in her KAL, purchase a CD, and follow her on Ravelry. Although I’ve been knitting for more than 30 years, Patty’s “way” has opened new pathways in my brain. I loved the videos that were provided during the Tortola KAL.

I probably know the lace shaping one by heart, and can repeat it along with her! Her approach to this was so challenging for me, but Patty was a force of encouragement. I greatly appreciated the time she took just to answer my questions on the discussion page.

Patty taught me to be consistent (gauge) persistent, (watch that video again!) and insistent, (I will post pictures, too!)

I now consider myself a “Patty Fan” and will attend her workshops whenever possible.”

Aw, Thanks!

    2. Great Sweater Photo 

Meet Ravelry user Herb-Lady

Here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“I really appreciated learning a great new way to do Wrap & Turn for short rows. In the past, I always used German Short rows for their ease but often got confused as to which stitch to start on since this method requires starting in a different place than any other W & Ts. Patty’s method is amazing, starts in the “right” place, and is so easy. Thank you, Patty.”

Thank YOU!

The group loved the modifications she made: 1/2 sleeves (modification document in KAL) and lace panel on the sleeves!

    3.Most Valuable KAL Player

There were a so many amazing Ravelry members to choose from. Five wonderful knitters were nominated, and the winner was our group cheerleeder!

Meet Ravelry user Cat4044

Here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“The best thing I learned in the Patty Lyons KAL is confidence. I learned to have confidence in myself that I can make a pattern that I love.

With all the knowledge and techniques learned in the Patty Lyons KAL, I gained the confidence to look at a pattern that I love and think, I can make that and not think there is no way I would be able to make that. Prior to participating in this KAL, I would see beautiful patterns and think, I sure would like to be able to make that someday and now that someday is a reality due to the lessons and techniques I learned in this KAL. I just bought a pattern that I would have previously thought, I can not make that, and now I am confidently making that pattern today. This freedom and confidence in my knitting is beyond words. A new door has been opened for me in my knitting future. Thank you Patty Lyons as you are the reason I have gained this confidence!.”

More importantly, here’s what Mary (Cat4044)’s fellow knitters said about her:

  • I nominate Cat4044 as Miss Congeniality, because she always has a kind word for everyone, as well as good ideas and questions that we were just about to ask ourselves!
  • Not only is she a great knitter, but she is super supportive to everyone else playing along.
  • She’s always so positive and supportive. And has kept commenting and helping other people even after finishing her own sweater!
  • Not only was she willing to share her mistakes and help others avoid them, she was a great cheerleader for everyone.

I’ll be contacting all the winners through out group to get your names and addresses so I can ship you your goodies!!!

I had to share a few more wonderful “what I learned” with all of you. If you’d like to see them all, you can check them out here.

Here are a few more great

“What I learned” stories:

I got a lot more comfortable with how to properly knit and measure gauge swatches. I’d never thought about using a smaller needle for purl rows to help reach row gauge. If I ever have a project that requires lace shaping, I know I can do it without issue. And most importantly, I do not fear sweaters anymore

There were so many things! But the one most learned is working a lace chart while increasing stitches on each side. Learning to incorporate the increased stitches into the lace chart was a thinking process, but once Patty explained and showed me how in the tutorials, I got the hang of it.It was one of those Ahhhhhhhhh moments like a light bulb turning on. I love learning new things!

Best Thing I Learned in Patty Lyons’ KAL – I learned way too much to detail, but the very best thing I learned is that I can knit anything with an excellent teacher who is dedicated to sharing their mastery of the craft. Thank you Patty for empowering me.

This is really quite simple. One must first learn to boil water as simple as that may be. I classify myself as an advanced newbie knitter. Little did I know that there was a thing called ‘sizing the stitch’. Like boiling water it sounds easy. Guess what, with a little attention and proper skills it is! This in turns makes getting gauge a practice in reality instead of frustration. Learning to properly size a stitch is a BASIC one can ignore but for only so long.

Practice, Patience, Perseverance!

1) Practice swatches make all the difference in learning new techniques and making the finished project look better (and in gaining confidence!)

2) Patience – new techniques can take a while to learn, but muscle memory kicks in with practice & patience! Don’t be afraid to rip back if you aren’t happy with the result.

3) Perseverance – keep working on it and you will be successful!

Some more FABULOUS Finished Sweaters!!!!

A huge thank you to the hundreds of knitters who joined! Can’t wait for the next one!

Join the group, there will be treats to come (hint: a new KAL this summer!!!)

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