Obsessed with Knitting

25 Signs That You Are Obsessed with Knitting

Do your friends just know dinner and a movie with you will include knitting? Do you always check for a local yarn store as soon as you hit a new town? Do you frequently say “just one more row” before leaving the house . . . then you might be

Obsessed with Knitting

1. You think it’s shocking that some people use, what is clearly the “yarn room” as a guest bedroom.

2. You have a car project (or subway project), a home project, and a small project for that time wasted riding in elevators.

3. You know the best parking spot to get you closest to the gate for every fiber festival.

4. You call google maps “yarn store finder”.

5. You are annoyed when emails from friends and family clutter your “knitting newsletter box.”

6. You haven’t purchased a sweater since the Carter administration.

7. You think you’re back yard seems a good spot for a pet alpaca.

8. You think of the joint below the tip of your finger as your “yarn feeder.”

9. You don’t know why people think “I knit so I don’t kill people” is funny. (Doesn’t everyone feel like that?)

10. You have a tape measure in every purse, bag, and room of your house . . . just in case.

11.You think knitters who only work on one project at a time are adorable.

12.You can’t say no to a good KAL! (Hey, luckily we have a few for you!)

13.You’re friends and family know that you will be ready to go after you finish the row (although they recently caught on to the fact that there IS no end of row when you are working in the round.)

14. You reward yourself for going to the gym by going to the yarn store.

15. Your version of clothes shopping is taking pictures of sweaters and thinking, “I can knit that!”

16. You dream in fair isle charts.

17. Your best friend would worry about you if you didn’t take out your knitting at a restaurant.

18. By the time you cast on for a sweater front you are already shopping Ravelry for your next project.

19. You can’t say for sure you’ve never called in sick from work finish your holiday knitting.

20. You have been known to secretly get up from bed to fix a mistake that is haunting your dreams.

21. Your Instagram acct has more pictures of knitting and yarn than humans.

22. You can’t watch a movie or tv without knitting.

23. You have been known to miss major plot points in films when you get distracted by knitwear.

24. You have read this whole list thinking “yeah, what’s your point?”

25. You have requested that your tombstone reads “She finally finished the row.”




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  • Jean Giangarra November 7, 2017   Reply →

    YES, YES, YES! I don’t need to type that 25 times, do I? I need to get back to my knitting.

  • Michelle McCrillis November 20, 2017   Reply →

    #10….and scissors.

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