10 Steps to a Perfect Knitter’s Thanksgiving


Knitter’s Thanksgiving

Several years ago I wrote about 5 steps to a perfect Thanksgiving weekend. I felt it was time for an update.

This is the time of year we all gather with our loved ones to give thanks for all we have.

As knitter’s, we have some special needs when it comes to creating the perfect holiday.  Here are my

10 Steps to the Perfect Knitter’s Thanksgiving:

1) Pack MINIMUM 1 project per day out of town

Remember, variety is the spice of life. There can be stress when family is involved, you need options.

2) When traveling, know that you are surrounded by knitting tools

The cup holder in your car or train seat makes a perfect yarn holder, the seat back tray clip makes a perfect chart holder.

3) The time it take to preheat the oven is enough time to cast on for an additional project

Why limit yourself to the 4 projects you’ve already packed?

4) Be ready to deflect the inevitable “Can you knit that for me?”

Remember to ask for something of equal value from the asker . . . your accountant brother in law (sure, can you do my taxes for free?), your doctor sister (I have a weird freckle I’d like you to look at), your real estate agent cousin (can you find me a weekend house and waive your commission?)

5) When the discussion of what sports game to tune into comes up, eagerly suggest the knitting marathon show

If you have netfix, it’s on!

6) When nobody can find the twine to tie up the turkey legs, save the day by pulling out your crochet cotton

As a knitter you come fully prepared for any emergency!

7) When the inevitable act of going around the table and stating what you are grateful for comes up, be honest – simply say “Cashmere” and leave it at that

Perhaps it will give some loved ones some shopping ideas.

8) Don’t forget about leftovers

I speak (of course) of left over yarn. A striped scarf could be nice.

9) When the topic of Black Friday comes up then next morning, pull out your LYS list!

That’s what your family means right? Looking for good yarn sales (psst. I have a few great sales on my pattern store, find out on my Facebook page).

and as always (drum roll please). . .

10) When it doubt, make a turkey hat


Sexy Turkey Hat by Catirina Bonet Designs


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