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Down to the Wire: Last-Minute Gift Ideas to Knit and Craft from Yarn

We’ve all been there. The holiday party/family get-together/office potluck is rapidly approaching, and you realize that you’re short a gift for someone. The WORST!! Well don’t lose hope, I’ve got some ideas for gifts that you can turn out in record time but will still give your gift recipient a heartfelt and handmade treasure!

7 Gifts You Can Make Last-Minute

1) The Grape Leaf Hat & Mitten Set

From now until the end of December, you can get my brand new pattern, the Grape Leaf Hat, along with the matching mitten pattern, in a set! A fun and fast knit, this grape leaf lace pattern works up into a sturdy fabric that will keep heads and hands warm in the winter months! I’ll even throw in 10% off the set with promo code: grapeleafholiday

2) Colorwork Hats

Hats are the perfect quick knit. With endless styles and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one to suit everyone. Check out my I-Beam Hat and Rhinebeck Hat!

3) Colorful Knit Wristers

While these seem like a bit more commitment (you do have to make two), you can usually turn them out in one sitting. These are also great potential stash-busters, so you can use up those leftovers from your other gifts!! You might want to try my Bumble Bee Mitts, Box and Beam Wrist Warmers, or Rhinebeck Wristers!

4) Cowls in Various Shades

Basically a hat without the top, these are projects you can fly through, and they’re so stylish! If you’ve never made one, you’ll be blown away at how quickly they fly!! Try my Bacchus Cowl or Rhinebeck Cowl!

Really down to the wire? Here are some projects that you can do in a couple hours:

5) Artful Yarn Art

These will require some extra supplies, but a quick trip to the craft/hardware store will take care of that! And you can really create something unique! Check out these tutorials for a wall hanging, felt ball art, and stringed state art.

6) Funky Yarn Jewelry

These lightning fast projects are super versatile, and take barely any yarn to complete! These will be life-savers if you need a gift for tomorrow’s party and you only have tonight to finish it!! Try woven bangles, DIY Paper Clip Earrings, or a Fringe Statement Necklace!

7) Crafty Pom-Pom and Wrapped Housewares

Another great stash-buster that will add color and warmth to a space and take a minimum of time and effort! Will your friends love Pom-Pom Bookmarks, a Pom-Pom Rug, or Yarn Wrapped Flower Pots?

No matter what you make, be sure to enjoy the time with friends and family this holiday season!!

Want more pattern ideas for winter? Visit my pattern page here

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