Rising Spades KAL Wrap Up (sweaters and prizes oh my!)

It was a busy fall / holiday season . . . not all finished, but hundreds of knitters picked up their pointy sticks a few months ago to begin another KAL / Sweater class, Rising Spades. In November we got to see what the knitters were up to. The KAL winners have been chosen and awarded!

If you are feeling inspired, Rising Spades KAL Sweater class + pattern comes with over 2 1/2 hours of video tutorials, all the sweater modifications and knitting how tos for only will be $14.00!!

Through it all, the help and support of every knitter on the Ravelry group was always there. Over 2100 amazing knitters let every first time sweater knitter know . . . they were not alone!

Never too late to jump into any sweater class, as the videos (embedded in the pattern) never expire, and the message boards stay live forever.

Now it’s time to discuss

Rising Spades KAL Final PRIZES

There were THREE grand prize winners announced.

I have soooooo much yarn to giveaway!!!! I have even MORE wonderful prizes for the Spring Cardi KAL / Sweater Class Facebook Live– tune into my on Jan 3rd for a first peek at the new cardi!

There was one randomly drawn winner from each category

We had three categories:

1) Best Thing I Learned in Patty Lyons KAL

and the winner is . . . .
    1. Best Thing I Learned in Patty Lyons KAL

Meet Ravelry user –jodiward

She posted on her project page

Best Things I Learned in Patty Lyons KAL

So many things I learned in this project, here are just a few of them:

How to cable without holes and without a cable needle. I just started a new pair of toe up socks which have major charts, no problem I realized that after the tip video on reading a chart, this pattern is a breeze.

How to change up a neck line, even though didn’t try on this sweater have a better idea of how to redesign in the future.

How to do a sloped bind off, so much nicer than stair steps.

How to tag a project on Ravelry plus how much I really enjoy Ravelry! Love having the friends and encouraging comments.

How to comment on Facebook live.

Thank you Patty for all your helps, tips and encouraging words to the group!” 

Here’s her PRIZE!!

2) Finished Sweater Picture

Meet Ravelry user lenacatknits

Here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

The videos and tutorials that accompany this pattern are very informative and helpful. I especially like the tip for how to decrease on the shoulders without having the stair-step look. I will use that on all sweaters from now on. I also liked the tip for switching the way the yarn goes on a purl stitch after a knit cable stitch. That does help close the holes left from the cables.

The videos on finishing a sweater were great! I wish one of the teachers I had before had shown me how to properly set in a sleeve. No one said to start from the top and work the ease in under the arms. That makes so much sense. Also appreciated the example of adjusting the height of the sleeve cap. I can almost always make stitch gauge, but always have problems with row gauge. This is an easy way to adjust the rows to ensure a proper fit.

I really enjoyed this KAL and all of the associated videos. Just wish I could attend one of Patty’s classes in person.”

Thank YOU! I hope so too!

Here’s her PRIZE!!

3) The Better Late Than Never Prize – WIP

WIPs happen to all of us. I know working on a sweater during summer vacation time was going to be tough, so I wanted to reward those that started . . . and hadn’t finished (yet)

Meet Ravelry user nurserachel

She’s getting soooo close

Here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“I have learned several things but one of the best things I learned was that doing a “lazy Purl” in the stitch right after a cable would help it not have an open hole after the cable!! I love this!!

Also love the slopes bind off technique!! Like the look of it much better!”

I can’t wait to see your finished sweater. It will happen in no time!!

Here’s her prize

Here are a few more great

“What I learned” stories:

The spaced cast on and setting in sleeves were most valuable for me. Loved the videos. I also benefited from all the discussion on pattern alterations. But I think the most useful thing was using row gauge and not having to measure much at all other then to occasionally check for gauge. I just kept track of rows knit and worked off that- much lass angst!”

After knitting for many years, I still hated to set in sleeves. With help from Patty via a video link in bedded in the pattern (just one of many), I learned a whole new way to set them in which was not only fun to do but quite beautiful when done.

How to adapt my gauge to the sweater pattern when my gauge is different. This is a major accomplishment and confidence booster! How to make modifications to a pattern for a different fit and look. I modified the sleeve length, the sleeve cap, the neck shaping, and used two different sizes to obtain the fit I wanted. Another major confidence booster! I learned numerous cable techniques and fixes. Love the lazy purl! All this and I have a sweater that just fits perfect. Thanks a bunch Patty – Your KALs are just jammed packed full of learning opportunities!

Setting in sleeves was a breeze with Patty’s tutorial. I have been cabling without a cable needle for a long time but learned a much more efficient way with Patty’s method and I am finally remembering to use the lazy purl.

Can’t wait for the Spring Cardigan to learn more.

Some more FABULOUS Finished Sweaters!!!!

A huge thank you to the hundreds of knitters who joined! Join the group, and hang out with over 2100 of the coolest knitters around!

I’m filming like crazy for the next one. Stay tuned it will go onsale:

Mid Jan on-sale date (with a early onsale date for the newsletter group – pssst, there’s also a coupon for those folks, so don’t miss joining the newsletter)


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