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It’s that time of year again, where we’re knitting furiously to finish those holiday gifts and cramming in as much festive fun as we can! But we all know the danger of knit gift fatigue. Instead of giving another hat or shawl (and depriving your buddies from the pleasure of knitting it themselves) why not take things up a notch?

A Gift Wish-List for Your Favorite Knitters? Or For Yourself?

Here are some great gifts for your favorite knitting friends! (or to leave open on your desktop to give a gentle nudge to your loved ones…)

1) Adorable alpaca sneakers

We knitters love our big hairy animals, so who wouldn’t want these sweet velvet flats with these precious alpaca appliques?! I mean, come on… who can say no to that face??

2) An Audible or Stitcher subscription

While I love to watch a movie or catch up on my TV while I knit away, some projects just demand more attention. That’s why I love audiobooks and podcasts! Even if my eyes are glued to my needles, I can still follow along with a story. Audible.com is a great way to catch up on all those books on your must-read list, and while there are tons of free podcasts, Stitcher Premium offers extras and exclusive content enough to tempt anyone. Give a knitter hours of entertainment while they work their UFO’s!

3) A class or private lesson

While trends shift and evolve, knowledge never goes out of style. Taking a class is a wonderful chance to grow knitting skills and more often than not, you learn something completely unexpected. Check the info at your knitter’s LYS, or check my Classes page for one of the many ways they can take one of my classes! They come in-person, streaming or on DVD, and you can even book a private lesson via the web!


4) A kit subscription service

A monthly kit subscription is the gift that keeps on giving! Look into a year-long subscription like KnitCrate or the Rockin’ Sock Club. Or do some snooping and find out if your knitter’s favorite yarn seller offers a subscription package! It’ll put a smile on his or her face every month!!

5) Knitting patterns

Has your knitter been coveting a certain pullover? Or itching to try out a new technique, like color-work? Patterns are a great gift that will be an awesome challenge or wardrobe addition, but won’t break the bank!! Check out all of my patterns at Ravelry!

6) Spa day

Most of us aren’t as diligent about taking care of ourselves and our hands as we should be. And if your knitter is like most (aka- knitting their little brains out before the holidays), he or she will definitely thank you for a gift that provides a little TLC. You could go as simple as a manicure, or splurge with a massage. Or to really go the extra mile, see if there’s a Korean Spa in your area (it may sound strange, but trust me, it’s totally worth it!!)! Make it even more fun by doing an outing together!

7) Schwag

Knitters love to wear their work proudly, and when their hand-knits need a rest, they’ll proudly display their love with a tee, sweatshirt, or other wearable. KnitHacker has a great collection of tees, and you can throw a rock and find a ton of hilarious bags and gear on Etsy. Let you knitter rock their love of yarn!!

8) Micro Flannel Sheep Sheets

As we barrel into winter, what knitter wouldn’t love a set of cozy flannel sheets with a flock of little sheepies to count to sleep? I mean honestly? Would you say no to wrapping up in these with a mug of hot cocoa and a nice mitten on your needles? C’mon!

9) A ticket/package to a yarn show/retreat

This has the potential to be a bit spend-y, but will make a huge impact. With so many trade shows and retreats to choose from, your options range from local to destination, VIP packages to just hitting the Marketplace. Some of my favorites include the VK Live shows, Stitches, the Make. Wear. Love retreat, and the Nautical Knitting cruise! Find the perfect one for your knitter!!


10) A gift certificate to their favorite LYS

When in doubt, a good old gift cert is always a welcome gift! Your knitter can get that special thing they’ve had their eye on, and you’ll feel great about supporting a local business; everybody wins!!

No matter what gift you land on, just showing your knitter that you get them and want to support their passion will make their season bright!

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