Vogue Knitting Live NYC 18!

What do 18 hrs of teaching plus, 219 students, 1 lecture, 174 attendees and a fab marketplace add up to . . . Patty’s exhausting, energizing, hilarious weekend at


This was the biggest show yet. Each year I think it can’t possibly get more delightful, more amazing, more yarnful (yeah, that’s a word . . . or should be), but then it tops itself. If you’ve never been to Vogue Knitting Live, you don’t know what you are missing. I love all the shows, but VK Live NY has a special place in my heart because it’s my hometown show!

This year I debuted a brand new class “Professional Polish from Start to Finish”, where I dig back into my bag of tricks and show some of the sanity saving knitting tricks from cast on to finishing. I had 40 kind, funny, patient students taking this new journey with me.

When I wasn’t teaching I was hanging with my pals Brooke Nico and Carol Sulcoski (of Black Bunny Fibers) at their Sip Sip Knit booth.

I TOTALLY forgot to take any pictures during class. The rooms were jam packed full of knitting and learning and it just slipped my mind. Here are a few pics I did manage to remember to take:

Thank you to the amazing VK Live staff, and to all those who said “I’m glad you weren’t sick this year” (me too – read all about that here.)

Don’t worry, if you missed it you still have 3 more times THIS year to catch a show. We’re heading to Chicago, then San Francisco and finally Minneapolis. Hope to see you soon!

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