Welcome to the Five-Timers Club!!

Last year I rolled out badges for the knitters who were in either two or three of my previous KALs (Corcoran KALTortola KAL, & Soho Slip Stitch KAL). Since then, with the Rising Spades KAL and the just opened Costa Maya KAL, I figured it was time to update! If you’ve done all of my KALs, you are in the…

The Five-Timers Club!

Congratulations! Show off your achievement proudly!!

Even if you haven’t made it to all 5 yet, you can still jump in and get a badge for wherever you are in the line-up. There’s plenty of time to join the Costa Maya KAL!!

  1. Download your  badge. Just right-click on PCs and click “Save as” or Ctrl+click on Macs and click “Save as”. Or click on the badges to open them in a new window, then go to your “File” menu and click on “Save as”. (Featuring graphics from Vexels.com)
  2. Display it proudly as your Ravatar on Ravelry!
  3. Share it on social media and link to Costa Maya KAL!
  4. Tag me to make sure I see on Facebook, or Twitter!

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